Amazon's Jeff Bezos Channels Steve Jobs For Kindle Fire HD

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Amazon's (NASDAQ:AMZN) Jeff Bezos did his best to channel his inner Steve Jobs today.

The excitement for the launch of the new Kindle Fire was substantially greater than yesterday's Nokia (NYSE:NOK) Lumia, albeit admittedly more timid than the usual Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) furor.

The device doesn't seem to disappoint.

It's still a device with a purpose, to serve users with Amazon friendly content.

To this end, Mr. Bezos spent considerable time talking about the services end of the ecosystem. Much like Apple locked users in with iTunes, Amazon hopes to create a user bond much deeper than toss-and-spend hardware.

So, you'll still get access to a ton of book titles. And, thanks to its recently announced integration with Epix, a much broader library of movies. And, for those worried about the kids watching all your R rated content, they've made the controls more parent friendly.

They've also engineered the device to play nice with others, allowing for sharing and syncing. This will help you carry content around with you more easily.

The specs and price point are high and low.

The Kindle Fire HD is likely to capture the most attention. The 7 inch is priced at $199. The 8.9 inch is $299 and offers 1920x1200 resolution - good for 254 pixels per inch, just shy of the new Apple's 264 per inch.

Texas Instruments (NYSE:TXN) gets the nod for the processor, supplying a dual core OMAP 4 chip. So, we'll have to watch to see how many are pre-ordered to build up the holiday inventory.

The choice of Texas Instruments isn't much of a shock. In the previous Fire, TI provided a bevy of chips, including power ICs and the audio codec.

Other FireHD features include MIMO and Dolby Digital Plus, making the tablet the first to feature both.

But, before Broadcom shareholders get too excited, keep in mind JorJin, which incorporated a TI WiFi chip, won the connectivity slot last time. So, we'll have to wait for iFixit's teardown to see if the MIMO chip is the BCM43241 or not.

Finally, the company also announced an 8.9 inch 4G/LTE for $499 with 32 GB of memory.

Overall, the device seems to hit the value nail squarely. The pricing is good enough to build scale and drive plenty of holiday sales.

If this is the case, Amazon is likely heading from 22% tablet market share to north of 25%. That would be good not only for Amazon, but for vendor Texas Instruments.

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