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Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes he eats you. That’s an old expression with the former being today's reality.

This bear market rally is wild with over 450 points on the DJIA in just two days as just one example. One thing with bear markets is how hard and long you work to build profitable positions that Da Boyz can take from you in just a few days if you’re emotional. But you must remain disciplined and systematic. That’s not an easy thing for most investors. Frankly, many are just happy to rest on the sidelines and watch the carnage and that’s understandable. But folks like us must do our thing.

Today is options expiration. Remember this market is being run and manipulated by professionals whether in the government, trading desks, hedge funds or on the options floor.

Have a pleasant weekend.

Disclaimer: Among other issues the ETF Digest maintains long or short positions in SPY, SDS, MZZ, IWM, TWM, QLD, QQQQ, XLY, SCC, XLI, SIJ, XLB, SMN, IYR, SRS, GLD, DBP, DBA, DAG, EFA, EFU, EEM EEV, EWZ, RSX, FXI and FXP.