Weekly Wrap-Up and Preview: July 14 - July 25

by: Tycoon Report
For all the analysts and pundits in the financial media, there is still no better judge of a company's health and future prospects than the owners and executives of those companies themselves, along with major institutional shareholders.

That's why insider buying and selling is a critical piece of data that is monitored by people who invest for a living.

As part of our continuing effort here at The Tycoon Report to level the playing field between individual investors and the fat cats on Wall Street, we're keeping you informed -- on a daily basis and at no cost whatsoever -- of the most significant insider buying and selling.

Below is a weekly re-cap of the past week's activity.  We publish this re-cap every Monday, and it can be accessed in your email issues or on the Tycoon Report website.

Very important note:  While these Monday re-caps are available on the Tycoon Report website, if you want the most timely information we provide on insider buying and selling you've got to be sure and read the email issues that we send each weekday morning.


Enterprise GP Holdings L.P. (EPE)

  • Chairman Dan Duncan has BOUGHT more than $8 million worth of EPE stock.
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Isramco Inc. (NASDAQ:ISRL)

  • CEO Haim Tsuff has BOUGHT $1.1 million in ISRL stock.
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Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE:OWW)

  • Par Investment Partners has BOUGHT more than $12.3 million in OWW stock.
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  • CEO Henry Fernandez has BOUGHT more than $1.4 million in MXB stock.
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China Information Security Technology, Inc. (CPBY)

  • CEO Jiang Huai Lin has SOLD over $8.7 million in CPBY stock.
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Shaw Group Inc. (SGR)

  • Executive Vice President Robert Belk has SOLD just over $2 million worth of SGR stock.
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Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (CTCT)

  • TA Associates Inc. has SOLD more than $7.1 million worth of CTCT stock.
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McKesson Corp. (NYSE:MCK)

  • Executive VP Paul Julian completed a planned SALE of MCK stock worth nearly $2 million.
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Associated Banc-Corp. (ASBC)

  • General Counsel Brian Bodager has SOLD nearly $1 million in ASBC stock.
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Lindsay Corp. (NYSE:LNN)

  • CEO Rick Parod has completed a planned SALE of LNN stock worth just over $3 million.
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Solera Holdings Inc. (NYSE:SLH)

  • Solera's CEO and CFO have SOLD a combined $1.35 million in company stock.
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Economic Calendar: Week of July 21 - July 25

Friday, Jul 25    

08:30AM - Durable Goods Orders

Release Details

The durable orders release measures the dollar volume of orders, shipments, and unfilled orders of durable goods (defined as goods whose intended lifespan is three years or more). Orders are considered a leading indicator of manufacturing activity, and the market often moves on this report despite the volatility and large revisions that make it a less than perfect indicator. These problems can be minimized by looking at the breakdown of orders. The total number is often skewed by huge increases in aircraft and defense orders. An increase based solely on strength in one sector tends to be discounted, while the market is more impressed with broadbased increases in orders.

Also notable in this report is the narrow category of nondefense capital goods. These goods mirror the GDP category producers' durable equipment [PDE] -- the largest component of business investment. Shipments of nondefense capital goods are a good proxy for PDE in the current quarter, while nondefense capital goods orders provide an indication of PDE growth in the quarters ahead.


  • Total durable orders were flat, as transportation orders bounced back after two months of decline.  Excluding transportation orders were down 0.9%.
  • Jan-May 2008 durables orders are down only 0.1% compared to Jan-May of 2007.  This reflects the overall resilience seen in orders against a tougher overall economic environment.
  • Shipments fell 1.1% after a 1.8% April increase.  The second quarter average for shipments (more directly correlated with GDP components than orders) remains well above the first quarter average. This suggests that the GDP component of business investment in software and equipment will post an increase in the second quarter, compared to a slight decline in the first quarter.

Big Picture

  • Durable goods orders, and total factory orders (which include nondurables orders), continue to show surprising strength given overall economic conditions.  Orders are up on a year-over-year basis and the backlog of orders is well above previous record highs.  Manufacturing has been very resilient and has yet to move into recessionary mode even as the housing market and consumer sectors remain depressed.  The weakness in manufacturing has been greatly exaggerated.

10:00AM - University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index

Release Details

  • Importance (A-F): This release merits a B-.
  • Source: The University of Michigan.
  • Release Time: Preliminary: 10:00 ET on the second Friday of the month (data for current month); Final: 10:00 ET on the fourth Friday of the month (data for current month).

The Michigan index is almost identical to the Conference Board Consumer Confidence index, though there are two monthly releases, a preliminary and final reading. Like the Conference Board index, it has two subindexes - expectations and current conditions. The expectations index is a component of the Conference Board's Leading Indicators index.