Spain and France lead growth in home Internet users

by: David Jackson

Nielsen/NetRatings data, via a ClickZ story, show that the number of users who access the 'Net from home is growing far faster in Spain and France than in the U.S.

The data are for the three months up to and including November,
versus the prior three months. The number of home Internet users in
Spain grew by 11.9%, in France by 9.5%, in Japan by 2.6%, in the U.K.
by 2.3%, in Germany by 1.0%, and in the U.S by 0.7%.  Brazil's number
of 'Net users from home actually declined, by 4.8%.

The message for Internet investors? European Internet growth is faster than in the U.S. (This confirms recent data
about online shopping in Europe versus the U.S.) So Internet companies
that have exposure to foreign markets should grow faster than those
with purely domestic exposure.