Brightpoint Deal Allows Synchronoss to Support Nokia’s Online Activations

Includes: CELL, NOK, SNCR
by: Paul Banco

Now that Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNCR) has demonstrated the intrinsic value of the “customer activation experience” with its role in the Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) iPhone 1.0 launch a year ago, what does it do for an encore? Set its sights on larger opportunities.

Through its partnership with Brightpoint (Nasdaq:CELL), Synchronoss will play an integral role in the company’s deal with Nokia announced which includes providing end user fulfillment of wireless devices, accessories, and wireless activations with service plans from various U.S. carriers.

The activation component of handsets for U.S. carriers purchased through Nokia USA’s e-commerce website will be powered by the Synchronoss ConvergenceNow software platform.

The Brightpoint/Nokia deal represents another unique opportunity for Synchronoss to demonstrate the value of its ConvergenceNsw platform, and how it improves the overall customer activation experience. The growth of the online e-commerce channel offers significant benefits – increased revenue and cost efficiencies for the handset manufacturers and communication service providers, and convenience, flexibility and 24/7 service for the customer.

As telecom, wireless and cable operators continue to embrace the online channel to market and sell their products and services, Synchronoss will be ready to guide them, leveraging its impressive client portfolio.

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