Commodity Chart Of The Day: NOB Spread

by: Matthew Bradbard

Commodity Chart Of The Day

Weekly NOB Spread

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This spread has performed seven out of the last nine weeks. The concept is to be long 30-year bonds and short 10-year notes. Your directional bias should be in the direction of where you perceive 30-year bonds will trade. 30-year bonds move more than 10-year notes, so if correct in direction, a trader makes more in bonds than he/she loses in notes. If wrong in direction, notes should cushion the loss to some extent. Another added benefit -- by instituting a spread, the margins are decreased and likely, the volatility, versus an outright futures decline.

Every 1 basis point move equates to a gain/loss of $1,000 per spread. So looking at the chart above, off the lows there has been approximately a $5,500 advance. This has lifted the NOB spread above the 50 day MA for the first time on a closing basis on the weekly chart since July 2011. Buy dips and use the above Fibonacci levels as your targets.

Based on the Fed's actions, keeping yields low for the foreseeable future should force investors to take risk and allocate monies elsewhere. That involves selling Treasuries, which I interpret as a bearish development…trade accordingly.

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