Raw Data Report: Chili's, Pizza Inn, Chuck E. Cheese

Includes: APO, EAT, RAVE
by: TickerMine

Each day, Wall Street is flooded with stock research offering a multitude of conflicting investment opinions. As such, TickerMine is not in the business of providing more opinions. We believe that accurate raw data points can be used to gain insight in to the stock selection and valuation process.

Half of Parties of Two spend Only $20-$30 at Chili's (NYSE:EAT)

Chili's Restaurants were the subject of our newest poll this week. Tickermine asked whether the location was older than a year, what particularly attracts your customers, how much does the average party of two spend, are customers are flocking to the bar more than they are coming to eat, what is the most popular menu item, and has business been the same slower or busier than in previous months.

34 respondents at 34 locations were interviewed. We found that three respondents or 9% of those polled were at new locations. 91% said their locations were old. 44% said it was the atmosphere that attracted their clientele. 38% said it was a particular menu item. And 18% said it was the prices. A clean 50% of those polled said the average party of two spends $20-$30 per visit. 47% said they spend between $32-$45 and 3% said the average check for two was typically $55.

88% of customers were coming specifically to eat, apparently. But 12% said they were generating more business at the bar. 38% of those polled said that the Fajitas were the most popular menu item. 32% cited the Baby Back Ribs and another 9% mentioned the Big Mouth Burgers. None of this has done much to ramp up business however. 56% reported business just the same as previous months. 26% said it was slower. And only 18% reported business up from a few months ago.

Business Steady at Pizza Inn (PZZI)

At The Pizza Inn restaurants, 46% say business is up over last year and 38% say it is the same. Just 15% reported being less busy than last year. The average check for a party of two is $15-$25 according to 62% of respondents. Asked to name the most popular menu item, 15% said the Meaty Max, 12% said the Pepperoni Pizza and 12% said the Taco Pizza.

Chuck E. Cheese's (CEC) Birthday Customers Spending More on Games Than Food

During birthday parties, Chuck E. Cheese's customers spend more money on games (62%) than on food (38%). The average bill for a birthday party varies widely: 29% of Chuck E. Cheese locations said it's less than $100, 18% said between $100 and $150, 29% said between $151 and $200, and 21% said between $225 and $300. Half the locations polled said fewer than 50% of their customers are attending birthday parties; 47% said between half and three-quarters of their customers are there for birthdays.

Pepperoni pizza is the most popular item on the menu, according to 56% of locations polled. Seventy-one percent of Chuck E. Cheese's locations are near other pizza restaurants; when asked how those restaurants' levels of business compared with Chuck E. Cheese's, responses varied.