Trading Below Net Current Asset Value: Discovery Partners (DPII)

| About: Discovery Partners (DPII)

Discovery Partners is a small, San Diego based company which specializes in products and services that help pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies in the drug discovery process. Quick facts:

Ticker: DPII
Price: $3.36
P/E: 20.94
Market Cap: $87.8 million
Net Current Asset Value: $92.7 million
Average daily volume: 80,000

For more information, the following is from the company's 10K.

“Despite numerous technological advances in combinatorial chemistry, high throughput screening, genomics and proteomics, the process of drug discovery remains slow, expensive and often unsuccessful. In order to make the drug discovery process faster, less expensive and more likely to generate a drug candidate, we offer products and services such as assays, synthesis automation, design and synthesis of proprietary libraries of compounds, high throughput screening, lead optimization, drug discovery informatics and toxicology. These products and services can be provided individually or as an integrated solution, depending on our customers’ requirements.