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PMC Sierra Inc. (NASDAQ:PMCS), the designer of communications and storage semiconductors and microprocessors, has run from $6.20 in October to its current level of $13.70. Has the news really been that good? The company now sports a $2.5 billion market cap which is almost nine times sales. News that the company would buy Passave, Inc., which makes system-on-chip semiconductors for the fiber-to-the-home market for $300 million in stock, drove the PMCS stock even higher. Despite the dilution. Industry sources said Passave had $43 million in sales last year.

PMC has said it will do between $85 and $88 million in revenue in Q1. In Q4 05, the company had revenue of $77.6 million and operating income of $12.1 million. For the full-year 2005, revenue was $291 million, a little below the year before. Operating income fell from $37.8 million in 2004 to $21.6 million in 2005, according to Yahoo!Finance.

PMC faces stiff competition from two direct competitors, Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (NASDAQ:AMCC) and Vitesse Semiconductors (NASDAQ:VTSS), according to a recent analysis of the company by Morningstar ( And, there are several other companies in who have competing product lines. Just as important, PMC is not a company in the kind of hyper-growth mode that would justify such a sharp run in the stock. Revenue in 2005 was only about $40 million above 2003. And, the $85 million number for Q1 is not a huge jump for the Q4 05 figure.

With significant dilution on the horizon, and a business that has good, but not phenomenal growth, it is hard to see PMC continuing its astonishing six month ride. It's time for a breather.

PMCS 1-yr Chart

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