Is David Einhorn Smarter Than I Am?

| About: Greenlight Capital (GLRE)

I have a tremendous admiration for David Einhorn. He had lunch with Warren Buffet, was in the poker championships and even beat up the alpha female of Wall Street. Hell, I even own stock in Greenlight’s (NASDAQ:GLRE) stock.

That said, I just looked at my Scottrade account. In February it was at $27,357, now it is at $64,807 (as of 7/28/08). Thanks a great deal to what Einhorn has publicly said and the fact that I recently broke my leg and had a lot of time on my hands.

Do a Google search on David Einhorn. Didn’t find much did you? Do a search on Greenlight Financial. Didn’t find much either, right? The most informative site is probably here. The last stock market decline apparently did not even affect Greenlight’s stock value. Rumors have it that Greenlight is having problems. My bet is that this is just a faint. Hedge funds are now all the rage. Mutual funds have bought up 1.5 million shares of Greenlight recently.  Greenlight’s earnings are due on August 11.

If David Einhorn ever reads this, I understand medical language 100%, stupid people 98%, car parts 67%

Disclosure: Author holds GLRE stock