Weekend Follies: Press Releases While Nobody's Looking (RYG, CVC, MATH, SWAT, AOM)

 |  Includes: AOM, CVC, RYG, SAJA, SWAT
by: George Gutowski

Every Monday I post the Weekend Follies where I try to point out companies that release information at oddball hours over the weekend -- when no one is looking. My opinion of companies who engage is this practice is one of skepticism. Usually a lot of caveat emptor is required with these situations.

This weekend five companies caught my eye. Two on NYSE: Royal Group Technologies Limited (RYG), which is clearly making a practice of releasing information on weekends, and Cablevision Systems Corp. (NYSE:CVC).

Two on Nasdaq: MathStar (Nasdaq: MATH) and A4S Security (Nasdaq: SWAT).