Polycom Discusses Telecommuting (PLCM)

| About: Polycom, Inc. (PLCM)

Polycom Inc. (NASDAQ:PLCM) provides videoconferencing and audioconferencing equipment. In a 2/13/06 interview with The Wall Street Transcript, CEO Bob Hagerty provided some interesting stats about telecommuting:

Recent studies show there has been an 800% increase during the past five years alone in geographically dispersed, virtual teams. In the past, more people worked as individual contributors and could complete their jobs by working alone. What really drove this enormous trend toward geographical dispersion was that organizations saw the opportunity to address markets globally by being globally dispersed. Putting a presence where their customer base was became a competitive advantage.

We think real-time collaborative communications is a very good prospect. Industry analysts for our market are estimating 17% growth rate as an aggregate right now. That's across all of the markets we serve, including voice conferencing, video conferencing, video and voice network infrastructures, and then all of the other tools that come into play in order to make this equipment and software work together to provide a productivity enhancement to an enterprise.