Royale Energy: Textbook Illegal Trading?

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I have authored a couple of articles regarding suspect trading activity on Royale Energy (NASDAQ:ROYL). While the energy sector has been impacted today, does anyone really believe this price collapse isn't primarily driven by market movers driving down the stock price?

A stock which traded in the upper 14s after posting a Q1 loss with increased cash flow, has now dropped to the upper $5s. It's fairly clear that the share price of small cap stocks can be manipulated at the will of market movers. I know that ROYL will rebound; however, many individuals have lost their life savings on this stock. There does not appear to be anything that can be done to prevent it. Numerous complaints to the SEC by many people have gone unanswered. Requests to Senators and Congressmen go unaswered.

It's unlikely that Royale Energy management could do anything; however, they have also not responded to numerous stockholder requests. They do have a business to run; however, they have owners (stockholders) that are being impacted. In fact, insiders within ROYL hold a very substantial position. At what point shoud a company's management publicly protest this type of trading?

Disclosure: Author holds a long position in ROYL


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