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From LG Philips LCD's (NYSE:LPL) fiscal Q2 2006 earnings results conference call:

Andrew Root - OTA Asset Management

Finally, on the TV panels, in the June quarter the panels that are shipped for TV units, how much do you expect that to grow in June? You indicated that TV revenue will be up a lot. Do you know what the units will be shipped to TV makers June over March?

Bock Kwon - LG Philips LCD - EVP for Marketing and Sales

We are expecting a strong demand for the World Cup event. It’s going to start from June 9. Also some strong events from China also, the Labor Day holiday, and also the 50-year special season for the Chinese for the wedding ceremonies. So we expect some growth of TV demand from China also.

Source: Conference Call Highlights: LG Philips LCD on China TV Demand (LPL)