Nissan's Israeli Ad Agency and Shai Agassi Take T. Boone Pickens' Side of the Oil Issue

by: Michael Eisenberg

Tom Friedman recently opined that the world needs more Shai Agassis and T. Boones to get us off Arab Oil, the crack cocaine of the Western World. Meanwhile, the price of oil has come in a bit and my favorite ETF -  (NYSEARCA:DUG) oil ultrashort - has gone up. People could forget that the dependence on Arab oil is still a big problem.

Along comes Israeli ad agency Inbar with a great comedic commercial for the Nissan Tiida car to really drive the point home.

As many know, Renault Nissan is teaming with great Israeli entrepreneur Shai Agassi on Project Better Place in an ambitious electric vehicle project. In the meantime though, Nissan is pitching its Tiida car as a gas-saving alternative. The best representation of this, which is causing quite a stir now in the Arab world (including a boycott threat), is an Israeli commercial for the car. It is very funny and I think it really drives home the message that high priced oil will drive people to develop fuel saving technologies. I translated it below.



Translation from Hebrew:

"You destroyed my house. May the Lord destroy yours.
May the hawks drill you day and night
May the sun melt you
And the one who created you
May the lord take you
Cursed be the father of Tiida."