K-Tron Stock Rockets Through Prior Highs

| About: K-Tron International, (KTII)
K-Tron (KTII) has been on a tear of late, breaking through previous highs on little news (the beauty of a stock with virtually no street coverage). The stock has moved 17% in the past week alone, including a 7% move yesterday - pushing the stock to all time highs.
This under-covered gem is part of the Everyday Finance portfolio and has been featured here as far back as mid 2007. Note the 1 year gain of 80% vs. a loss for the S&P of over 10% during this period.


As initially recommended about a year ago, here are some key aspects worth considering:
  • Quite Recession-proof, as it serves the pharma and coal industries, providing equipment to major players in these industries.
  • Very little coverage from the street.
  • Conservative company, rarely boasting about future projections or seeking publicity.
  • Posted record profits in July, continuing a trend of stellar performance.
  • Typical Beta of 1.05.
  • I find NO Analysts following the stock or providing coverage/recommendations.
  • 5 year performance: 800%; 2 year performance: 200%; YTD performance: 40%.