Bullish on Nvidia: No Debt and Low Expectations

| About: NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)

If you're looking for a quick, high risk bet, check out Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA). They release earnings after the close today. I now own over 600 shares at a purchase price of around 11.10. Although both AMD and Intel are going after NVDA's turf, NVDA has no debt and its competitors have been trying to muscle into the high-end GPU business for years, without success.

In addition, Intel's Larabee won't be released till 2009, meaning NVDA needs to duke it out only with AMD/ATI for X-Mas laptop and desktop sales. Bottom line: from my vantage point, NVDA stock looks oversold at 11 dollars a share.

I don't expect NVDA to go above $13-15 in the near term because whenever Intel enters a market, a rough road lies ahead for everyone else. For now, the only real competitor is AMD, with its ATI GPU chips; however, AMD/ATI chips have a reputation for poor quality here in Silicon Valley, whether deserved or not, so NVDA probably isn't concerned about ATI.

Right now, I am captivated by the siren songs of value investors: one, no debt; and two, very low expectations.

Disclosure: Long NVDA