Memo to Sun: Promote MySQL Through Avnet

Includes: AVT, JAVA
by: Joe Panettieri

I'm not making any guarantees, but I hope Sun Microsystems (JAVA) articulates its MySQL partner strategy the week of August 18 at the Avnet (NYSE:AVT) New Frontiers Conference in Colorado. Here’s why.

I attended Avnet New Frontiers last year. It was an impressive gathering of high-end Sun partners — the folks who influence sales of Sun servers, storage and other solutions to large and midsize enterprises.

In short, the Avnet Technology Solutions audience could play a critical role in the success -- or failure -- of Sun’s MySQL strategy. Sun paid $1 billion to acquire the open source database, and I initially praised the deal.

But more recently, Wall Street has been disappointed with Sun’s financial results and critics are wondering how Sun will monetize an open source database.

Folks, you’re missing the point: MySQL will drive MORE sales of Sun’s hardware and also paves the way for Sun to either acquire database applications or promote third-party applications that further strengthen Sun’s business. MySQL also puts Sun in touch with a fiercely loyal open source database community.

For the record, I still believe Sun will bolster MySQL’s position within corporate enterprises. However, the company needs to articulate how solutions providers and integrators can profit from MySQL.

Microsoft, for instance has a huge channel of integrators and resellers for its SQL Server database. Sun Microsystems needs to take similar steps with MySQL.

Hopefully, that messaging begins during the Avnet New Frontiers event.

Disclosure: none