Apple: Adobe's Slow Support of MacTel Affecting Our Sales (AAPL, ADBE)

 |  Includes: AAPL, ADBE

From Apple's F2Q06 conference call transcript:

Keith Bachman - Banc of America Securities

Tim... if Adobe has publicly indicated that they’re not going to have their versions ready on natively until ‘07, how should we be thinking about that impacting? In other words, when do you think the pause ends?

Tim Cook, COO Apple Computer

Well, Adobe has said that their application will be universal with the next release. Casual users of PhotoShop may be satisfied with using PhotoShop with Rosetta. A heavy user of PhotoShop would likely not be satisfied with the performance of Photoshop running under Rosetta.

Frankly, it’s very hard to assess the specific impact of it, but we do believe that this is affecting Mac sales, and we’re working very closely with Adobe to get the creative suite out as soon as possible.

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