Presidential Election: No Help for the Markets

by: ContraHour

The market needs all the help it can get these days but it's not going to get any from the Presidential elections.  I was hoping the market could get a boost from the promises of a new administration.  However, the more I learn about our choices, the more confounding picking a President becomes.  

On the one hand, we have a socialist candidate borne out of the muck of Chicago-style politics, sponsored by 1960s radicals and corrupt businessmen who's only proven skill is running great campaigns and giving superb speeches, with his closest adviser having a giant chip on her shoulder for most of her adult life

On the other hand, you have aging maverick (a pseudonym for moron) who has been diagnosed with malignant cancer four times and who just chose an "Ann Coulter"-like beauty queen with a questionable moral and ethical compass to be the Second in Command. 

I'm truly dumbfounded by our choices for President this year and I think the market will respond likewise.  Based on the Presidential race, the best we can hope for is more sideways choppiness. 

Before you send me any nasty emails, be sure to read all the links I've included.  I am truly apolitical and have voted for Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians depending on whom I thought could best lead the country.  At this point, I'm voting for Canada '08.