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Lightning Round stock picks from Jim Cramer's Friday April 21th Mad Money TV program. Click on a stock ticker for more analysis:

Bullish calls:

Goldcorp Inc (NYSE:GG)
Crystallex International (AMEX: KRY) -- 'A play on Chavez's need to stay in power. ... When I first recommended the stock, it was at two bucks. It has since doubled'
Cephalon Inc (NASDAQ:CEPH)
Genetech (DNA)
Yahoo Inc (NASDAQ:YHOO) -- 'I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't guide down... going to 35, but it's going to be slow'
Corning Inc (NYSE:GLW)
Matsushita Electric (MC-OLD)
UnitedHealth Group Inc (NYSE:UNH) -- 'Fourteen times earnings for a 60% grower?! Too cheap!'

Bearish calls:

Tan Range Exploration (TRE) -- 'stay in this hemisphere... buy Goldcorp'
Deckers Outdoor (NYSE:DECK) -- 'ring the register, enough is enough'
MedImmune Inc (MEDI) -- 'they missed the quarter horribly this week... buy Genetech'
Pozen Inc (NASDAQ:POZN) -- 'second tier, second rate; buy Cephalon'
International DisplayWorks Inc (IDWK) -- 'very good end markets in big flat TVs, but prefer Corning and Matsushita'
Jabil Circuit (NYSE:JBL) -- 'can you please take a profit?!'
Zoltek (NASDAQ:ZOLT) -- 'I don't want you to be greedy'
Travelzoo Inc (NASDAQ:TZOO) -- 'ring the register'
Bowater (BOW)

Source: Jim Cramer's Mad Money Lightning Round Picks 4/21