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Hutchinson Technologies (NASD:HTCH) stock dropped near its 52-week low as news of its fiscal Q2 was released covering that quarter ending March 26, 2006. It's a bit surprising that it did not happen earlier. Hutchinson makes suspension assemblies for disk drives. Revenue growth has been a little choppy at the company, but it rose from $470 million in the 2004 fiscal (September 26, 2004) to $632 million in fiscal 2005. Operating income also rose from $38.9 million to $57.4 million.

The first quarter of the new fiscal (ending December 25, 2005) revenue rose to $185 million from $158 million in the immediately previous quarter. Operating income had already been dropping due to increased costs or R&D and a sharp spike up in cost of revenue. After hitting $20.7 million in the June 26, 2005 quarter, operating income dropped to $4.4 million in the December 2005 quarter despite a revenue increase of $15 million.

All of this pressure on margins took the stock down from $43 last summer to $24 in November 2005. Over the last several months, the stock has inched back above $30.

But then, the company announced its fiscal second quarter which ended March 26, 2006. Revenue jumped smartly to $186 million from $158 million a year earlier. However, the gain from the immediately previous quarter was only about $1 million. And, operating income was only $6.8 million.

Guidance for the current quarter is for revenue to run between $175 and $185 million, and margins to be between 19% and 21%. In other words, more of the same. Hutchinson has said that disk drive sales for 2006 are expected to grow between 12% and 17%, and that suspension assembly demand tends to track these numbers. What the company is less forthcoming about is why its gross margins, which were 30% a year ago, have fallen so far without near-term prospect for recovery. Hutchinson's statement says that its business mix has moved to advanced products that are currently more expensive to produce, but it is too large a change to explain away in a couple of sentences.

Until that issue is resolved, the Hutchinson stock is unlikely to go anywhere.

HTCH 1-yr Chart

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