Johnson & Johnson's Acuvue to Profit from Bausch & Lomb's Troubles? (JNJ)

Includes: JNJ, VRX
by: Teresa Lo

The Wall St. Journal reports that

Three Ciba Vision Corp. contact-lens-care solutions are in short supply at retailers nationwide, following a temporary shutdown of a Ciba manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada that delayed distribution of the products. The shortage of Clear Care, Aosept and AQuify, which clean and disinfect contact lenses, comes at the same time that Bausch & Lomb Inc. has asked retailers to pull from shelves its ReNu with MoistureLoc contact-lens solution, which has come under investigation as a possible cause of a rare eye infection…

A number of people are trying to sell Aosept, Clear Care and AQuify on eBay. There were 31 bids for one set of four 16-ounce bottles of Aosept running at a total price of $47 on Friday. Twelve-ounce bottles of Aosept typically retail for $7 or $8, according to the company.

Why futz with solution when one-day disposable lenses such as Acuvue by Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) that cost around $1 per day are available? If you are near-sighted as I am, it’s wonderful to pop in a fresh pair every morning.

Seeing that this is sort of a Peter Lynch, One Up on Wall Street moment, I thought it would be interesting to look at the JNJ chart. Hmm, seems like it’s sitting right on the long-term uptrend line, so be careful on the long side. It needs to show us the money.