Do Sure-Fire Investments Exist?

by: Michael Panzner

Nowadays, many people are looking for easy answers. They want a pill, a device, an easy routine - something that can help them solve their problems with a minimum of effort.

The same holds true when it comes to personal finances and investing. No small number of individuals and families want a low-risk, high return approach that doesn't require much effort or take too much time.

Unfortunately, even in the best of circumstances, such approaches don't exist. Something can always go wrong, no matter how protected people think they are.

And in a dangerous environment like we have now, even decisions that might seem to involve little risk can prove very costly if a full range of potential threats is not taken into account.

For some insights on this particular issue, consider the question raised in a post at Jesse's Café Américain blog, entitled "Where Was the Safe Place for Savings from 1929-1933?"