Commodity Chart Of The Day: Lean Hogs

Includes: COW, DBA, MOO
by: Matthew Bradbard

Commodity Chart Of The Day

Lean Hogs

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Lean hogs -- the other white meat. This is not as much about how much money can be made, but my interpretation is little risk needs to be taken. That, in combination with the market rolling over from overbought levels and giving me confirmation by trading under the 9 day MA makes this an attractive opportunity, in my eyes. My suggestion is to use the Fibonacci levels on the chart above as your targets on bearish trade.

As for a specific trade idea… short futures while simultaneously selling out of the money puts 1:1. Assuming we get a trade under 75 cents in the December contract, traders should be able to pick up $500-800/per, depending on exactly what strike they sell against their futures. On this particular trade, if my assessment is correct, traders implementing this strategy would make more money on their futures leg than they would lose on their options leg.

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