Troubling Action in Technology and Commodities

by: TraderMark

Despite the underlying commodities being up, the stocks in the commodity space are down. To me, this points to continuing liquidations / forced selling. It is remarkable that for much of the past year there seems to be a shortage of capital (delevering?); even on a huge up day only certain sectors are up, as if there is not enough money to push everything up at once.

Even more troubling is Nasdaq relatively flat on the day. I find this worrisome and cut back Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Research in Motion (RIMM), and (NASDAQ:BIDU) to the bone -0.1% stakes. I thought we'd at least get some sort of bounce here off of Friday and into today - nothing.

The action right now is completely head-scratching. The dollar should be down, not up, on printing presses of American working overtime. But I've been saying the action has been random and abstract for many months now.

I continue to believe money flows of hedge funds are dominating price movement more than anything else - as leveraged bets are being forced to reverse, price action seems to be against any common sense rules. Perhaps some funds with the "technology" trade on, are now also being liquidated.

It remains a very dangerous market. I cannot find any rhyme or reason out there; the rip tides under the surface are telling a completely different tale than what appears on the surface.

Disclosure: Long all names mentioned in fund; long none in personal account