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Amidst turmoil in the financial sector this week and over the past year, the following is a list of Pennsylvania-based banks and financial services companies with market caps over $100M that have recorded stock price gains over the past year.

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The 11 companies are listed in descending order by 52-week stock price performance and include the following top performers: Univest – biggest gainer at 38%, First Commonwealth (which I wrote about 15 months ago with a yield over 6%) – biggest dividend yield at 5.4%, and PNC Financial – biggest market cap at $25.3B. With Dow component American International Group (NYSE:AIG) down over 30% on Friday, and other blow-ups this week such as Lehman Brothers (LEH) and Washington Mutual (NYSE:WM), the strength in these Keystone State banks is notable and reflects investor confidence in their management and business fundamentals.

Company Name (Ticker), 52-Week Change, Market Cap, Dividend Yield

  1. Univest Corp. of PA (NASDAQ:UVSP) +38.0%, $380M, 2.7%
  2. Beneficial Mutual Bancorp (NASDAQ:BNCL) +27.9%, $991M, 0%
  3. Republic First Bancorp (NASDAQ:FRBK) +23.2%, $108M, 0%
  4. Citizens & Northern Corp. (NASDAQ:CZNC) +21.4%, $197M, 4.4%
  5. First Commonwealth Financial (NYSE:FCF) +15.7%, $924M, 5.4%
  6. Bryn Mawr Bank Corp. (NASDAQ:BMTC) +6.7%, $199M, 2.4%
  7. PNC Financial Services (NYSE:PNC) +6.6%, $25.3B, 3.6%
  8. Abington Bancorp (NASDAQ:ABBC) +6.5%, $248M, 2.0%
  9. S&T Bancorp (NASDAQ:STBA) +3.5%, $954M, 3.6%
  10. ESB Financial Corp. (NASDAQ:ESBF) +2.9%, $126M, 3.9%
  11. Northwest Bancorp (NWSB) +1.7%, $1.4B, 3.1%

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