Oculus Launches Wound Treatment Product in China

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Oculus Innovative Sciences (OCLS) is launching its Dermacyn wound treatment product in China by sending samples of the product to hospitals in ten China provinces. Sinopharm, the company in charge of China distribution of the product, also featured Dermacyn at a recent trade show, the New Drugs China Expo sponsored by Health Tech Forum 2008. The product was approved by the SFDA in March of this year to treat acute and chronic wounds including ulcers, cuts, contusions and burns.

China is ahead of the US in its approval of Dermacyn. The US allows the product to be used as a wound cleaning aid, but the pivotal Phase III trial of Dermacyn as a treatment for infected wounds is just getting underway.

Microcyn’s super-oxygenated water keeps the wound moist and is effective against bacteria, viruses, mold and spores, including MRSA-resistant bacteria. One of the product’s main target markets is diabetic foot ulcers.

In its recent US-based Phase II trial, Microcyn was tested as an antimicrobial treatment in patients with mildly infected diabetic foot ulcers. The product was effective in 93% of the patients, against a 56% success rate for a regimen that combined levofloxacin with saline.

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