AIG's Billion Share Day

| About: American International (AIG)

As we move in on the close AIG's volume is reaching upwards of 1.1bln shares.  The average trade size is 471 shares, and the number of trades totals over 2.3 million in the stock on the day.  By comparison, the only other current Dow stock to have ever traded over 1bln shares in a day was MSFT on its IPO, March 13th, 1986 and even that is split adjusted.

Looking deeper at the volume, over 400mln shares have been listed on the ADF (alternative display facility) meaning they were traded through ECNs,  320mln shares were traded on the NASDAQ, and 265mln shares on the NYSE Arca; only 105mln shares were traded on the NYSE.  It makes us wonder about computerized trading programs, with only Intel's fastest in the driver's seat.

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chart courtesy of Google Finance