Designer Combo 3D-movie and Sunglasses?

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Earlier this week, DreamWorks' (NASDAQ:DWA) Jeffrey Katzenberg, who has relentlessly flogged the idea of 3D movies completely pushing out 2D, told the International Broadcasting Convention in a speech that DreamWorks has been collaborating with eyewear firms Luxottica and Oakley. 

Katzenberg said:

They're at a point where they are about to introduce a transition lens that where you go outside its your sunglasses, and when you go into the movie theater it transitions into 3-D glasses. People are going to own their own glasses. I think from a fashion standpoint and a coolness standpoint people will want to have their own glasses. I think that will be among the many changes that will come along.

Now, I had more than a passing curiosity in this, since I wrote a story for Portfolio saying that the rush to 3D movies might not turn out so well. So I tried to get in touch with Oakley. (Luxottica is based in Milan, and essentially makes the glasses sold under the Oakley brand.) I asked Oakley's PR folks for confirmation, and they sounded a little -- well, surprised, I guess. 

The response to me from a spokeswoman: "So, the word is out...  Unfortunately, it is too premature for me to say anything. I have been in touch with the internal communications team and they just don't have any information yet."

I contacted Katzenberg's spokesman to see if he could help. He promised to help me with contacts so I could check out Katzenberg's comments, but I since haven't heard anything from him.

Katzenberg has been talking about this idea for a while. He foresees a time when every movie is in 3D, and the public is so accepting that most people will have their own 3D movie glasses -- instead of wearing the ones the theater gives out. The idea of 3D/sunglasses could make it more palatable to buy 3D glasses, because you'd get more use out of them than just in theaters. (I've also seen the idea of prescription 3D glasses kicked around.) 

So is it a reality? Hard to say from what I'm getting. I'll let you know if I learn more.

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