Patience With Taser Might Just Pay Off (TASR)

Apr.27.06 | About: TASER International, (TASR)

Yesterday morning, Taser (NASDAQ:TASR) finally finished filling in and sealing over the hole they had dug for themselves over the past year or so. They are now building sales again, and you can practically taste the market's relief.

Lawsuits are becoming a non-issue since Taser is handily winning all of them or having them summarily dismissed, but that's not enough to boost the shares -- what they need is a return to significant sales growth. It seems to finally be starting, so even though they missed estimates slightly the shares are rallying a bit on 30% sales gains and hopes for a return to TASR's perch as a fast-growing company with a monopoly on its core products.

I've been patient with Taser even though it's well underwater for me, and I plan to continue to patiently watch as it returns to sales growth, hopefully some earnings growth, and a recovery of the stock's valuation.