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S&P FAIR VALUE -$2.16 Pre-Market.

(NASDAQ:AEIS) Advanced Energy Ind up 3% on $0.26/R$94M vs $0.19/$91M(e) and $10M design contract.
(NYSE:AET) Aetna $0.64 EPS vs $0.63e.
(NASDAQ:AKAM) Akamai Tech $0.17/R$90.8M vs $0.17/$85.5M(e).
(NASDAQ:ALXN) Alexion Pharma -$0.88 EPS vs -$0.98e; non-revenue company.
(NASDAQ:AMCC) Applied Micro $0.02/R$67M vs $0.02/R$66.5M(e).
(AMLN) Amylin Pharma -$0.51/R$82.3M vs -$0.49/$81.44M(e).
(APPB) Applebee's $0.36 EPS vs $0.33e.
(NASDAQ:ARBA) Arriba $0.13/R$73.7M vs $0.08/R$75.2M(e); not sure if comparable; stock down 10%.
(NASDAQ:ARQL) Arqule $0.12/R$23.5M vs -$0.12/$7.75M(e); stock up 3%.
(ASPV) Aspreva Pharma $1.25 EPS vs $0.73e; stock up 5%.
(ATAC) Aftermarket Tech $0.26/R$119.4M vs $0.29/$107.4M(e); EPS was a loss after a charge.
(NASDAQ:ATRS) Altiris $0.33 EPS vs $0.28e.
(NYSE:AV) Avaya $0.08/R$1.23B vs $0.12/$1.26B(e); EPS had a $0.03 charge; says supplied hindered sales.
(AVCT) Avocent is buy LANDesk for $400+M.
(AXYS) Axys Tech $0.23 EPS vs $0.21e.
(NYSE:AZN) AstraZeneca $0.90 EPS vs $0.80e.
(BBI) Blockbuster $0.05/R$1.43B vs $0.02/$1.46B(e).
(NYSE:BBW) Build-a-Bear $0.43 EPS vs $0.41e.
(BCGI) Boston Communications $0.04 EPS vs $0.01e, but sees lower next quarter.
(BD) Black & Decker $1.45 EPS vs $1.39e.
(NYSE:BFAM) Bright Horizons $0.36 EPS vs $0.34e.
(NYSE:BFS) Saul Centers $0.62 FFO vs $0.63e.
(NYSE:BG) Bunge $0.63 EPS vs $0.69e.
(NYSE:BMY) Bristol Myers $0.36 EPS vs $0.32 & R$4.68B vs $4.62B(e).
(BOBJ) Business Objects $0.33 EPS vs $0.30e; guides EPS lower but revenues in-line; stock fell 6% after-hours.
(BOL) Bausch & Lomb executives were reportedly told about eye infection issues in November according to the WSJ.
(NASDAQ:BOOM) Sonic Materials $0.45/R$25.2M vs $0.27/$22.4M(e); stock indicated lower on filing to sell 5.2M shares for holder.
(NYSE:BRE) BRE Properties $0.51 FFO vs $0.52e.
(NYSE:BZH) Beazer Homes $2.35 EPS vs $2.28e.
(NYSE:CAH) Cardinal Health $0.83 EPS vs $0.88e.
(NYSE:CAI) CACI $0.69 EPS vs $0.70e.
(NYSE:CCI) Crown Castle -$0.06 EPS vs -$0.09e; R$182.7M vs $177.7M(e); sees -$0.05 to -$0.11.
(NASDAQ:CCMP) Cabot Micro $0.29/R$67.4M vs $0.25/$65.9M(e).
(CD) Cendant $0.16/R$4.2B vs $0.14/$4.03B(e).
(NASDAQ:CELG) Celgene $0.09 EPS & R$181.8M vs $0.06/$164M(e).
(NYSE:CLF) Cleveland Cliffs $1.37 EPS vs $1.03e.
(NYSE:CLS) Celestica $0.08 EPS vs $0.09e.
(NASDAQ:CMCSA) Comcast $0.22/R$5.9B vs $0.16/$5.8B(e).
(NYSE:CMG) Chipotle will have 5M more shares sold by McDonalds.
(NASDAQ:CNQR) Concur Tech $0.02 EPS vs $0.06e.
(NASDAQ:COHR) Coherent $0.26 EPS vs $0.23e.
(CPO) Corn Products $0.31 EPS vs $0.31e.
(CRDN) Ceradyne $0.90 EPS vs $0.77e.
(NASDAQ:CTG) Computer Task Group $0.05 EPS vs $0.04e.
(CTLM) $0.01/R$20.3M vs -$0.01/$20.06M(e).
(NASDAQ:CRUS) Cirrus Logic $0.08/R$42.2M vs $0.06/$43.4M(e).
(NASDAQ:CYBE) Cyberoptics $0.16 EPS vs $0.12e; sees next quarter 0.11-0.15 vs $0.15e.
(NYSE:CYH) Community Health $0.58 EPS vs $0.56e.
(CYTC) Cytyc $0.27 EPS vs $0.24e.
(OTC:DGIN) Digital insight $0.25 EPS vs $0.25e.
(NYSE:DOW) Dow Chemical $1.24 EPS vs $1.18e.
(NYSE:DOX) Amdocs $0.44 EPS vs $0.42e.
(NYSE:DPZ) Dominos Pizza $0.39 EPS vs $0.37e.
(DSCP) Datascope $0.59 EPS vs $0.52e.
(NASDAQ:DXCM) Dexcom 4.78M share secondary priced at $24.00.
(NYSE:ELY) Callaway Golf $0.36 EPS vs $0.33e.
(NASDAQ:EPIQ) Epiq Systems $0.20 EPS vs $0.21e.
(NASDAQ:ESRX) Express Scripts $0.70/R$4.44B vs $0.70/$4.45B(e); put FY EPS $3.10-3.22 vs $3.17e.
(ESST) ESS Tech -$0.32/R$26.9M vs -$0.38/R$28.3M(e); sees revenues under plan.
(FIC) Fair Isaac $0.40/R$208.15M vs $0.43/$208.7M(e); guides EPS higher next quarter.
(FLYR) Navigant gets a $16.50 going-private buyout from Carson Wagonlit Travel; closed at $13.20.
(NASDAQ:FORM) FormFactor $0.25 EPS vs $0.23e.
(GB) Wilson Greatbatch $0.37 EPS vs $0.20e; guides next quarter EPS higher.
(GMRK) Gulfmark Offshore filed to sell $250M mixed securities.
(NYSE:GR) Goodrich $0.55 EPS vs $0.49e.
(NYSE:GSK) GlaxoSmithkline up 2.2% after earnings overseas.
(HC) Hannover $0.01 EPS vs $0.00e.
(HET) Harrah's $1.02 EPS vs $0.92e.
(HGR) Hanger Ortho -$0.03 vs -$0.01e.
(HLEX) Healthextras $0.14 EPS vs $0.14e.
(HOT) Starwood $0.41 EPS vs $0.35e.
(HPC) Hercules $0.24 EPS vs $0.24e.
(INSP) Infospace $0.09/R$90.3M vs $0.05/$86.6M(e); said it will lose $0.08 and R$91M vs $0.05/$87M(e).
(IDNX) Identix -$0.04/R$20.8M vs -$0.01/$24.3M(e).
(NASDAQ:INTC) Intel hosts its analyst day from 10AM-12PM EST.
(NYSE:K) Kellogg $0.68 EPS vs $0.63e.
(NASDAQ:KLIC) Kulicke & Soffa $0.25/R$160M vs $0.22/$170M(e); sold unit during quarter and results may be skewed.
(KRON) Kronos $0.41 EPS vs $0.39e.
(NASDAQ:KSWS) K-Swiss $0.70 EPS vs $0.67e.
(KTO) K2 $0.08/R$348.1M vs $0.09/$330M(e).
(LIZ) Liz Clairborne $0.62 EPS vs $0.59e.
(LKQX) LKQ $0.22 EPS vs $0.21e.
(NASDAQ:LMNX) Luminex -$0.02/R$13M vs -$0.01/$11.95M(e).
(NYSE:LSI) LSI $0.11 EPS vs $0.07e; sees next quarter EPS $0.08-0.19 vs $0.09e.
(MAPS) Mapinfo $0.14 EPS vs $0.11e.
(NYSE:MGM) MGM Mirage $0.61 EPS vs $0.51e.
(MLNM) Millenium Pharma -$0.07/R$122.5M vs -$0.03/$118.25M(e).
(NYSE:MNI) McClatchy said it received a request for more data from the D.O.J. on the Knight Ridder buyout; will sell 4 papers for $1B.
(NASDAQ:MRVC) MRV Communications -$0.03/R$77.3M vs -$0.04/$73.4M(e).
(NASDAQ:MTSC) MTS Systems $0.62 EPS vs $0.45e.
(NASDAQ:MXIM) Maxim $0.45/R$478.1M vs $0.37/$478M(e).
(MXO) Maxtor -$0.40/R$881M vs -$0.37/$904M(e); had warned early April.
(NASDAQ:NATI) National Instruments $0.20/R$155M vs $0.15/$154M(e).
(NASDAQ:NETL) Netlogic Micro $0.31 EPS before huge acquisition charge vs $0.29e.
(NASDAQ:NEWP) Newport $0.15/R$103.2M vs $0.14/$104.1M(e).
(NYSE:NFX) Newfield Exploration $1.17 EPS vs $1.09e.
(NASDAQ:NTGR) Net Gear $0.31 EPS vs $0.25e; guided revenues but CFO is leaving.
(NVT) Navteq $0.17/R$122.3M vs $0.20/$123.9M(e).
(NYSE:NWL) Newell Rubbermaid $0.21 EPS vs $0.12e, may have gain; guidance for Q2 looks light.
(NASDAQ:ODFL) Old Dominion Freightline $0.35 EPS vs $0.32e.
(NYSE:OI) Owens Illinois $0.14 EPS vs $0.11e.
(NYSE:PHM) Pulte Homes $1.01 EPS vs $0.96e.
(PHTN) Photon Dynamics rose over 40% after hours; $0.21/R$50.3M vs $0.09/$47.4M(e); next quarter 0.22-0.25 vs $0.20e.
(NASDAQ:PLUG) Plug Power -$0.14/R$2.28M vs -$0.13/$3.4M(e).
(NASDAQ:PRXL) Paraxel $0.30 EPS vs $0.23e.
(NASDAQ:PTRY) Pantry $0.39 EPS vs $0.32e.
(PYX) Playtex $0.19 EPS vs $0.20e.
(NASDAQ:QDEL) Quidel $0.17 EPS vs $0.10e.
(R') Ryder $0.77 EPS vs $0.68e.
(RADS) Radiant Systems $0.10 EPS vs $0.08e.
(NYSE:RAI) Reynolds America $1.89 EPS vs $1.87e.
(NASDAQ:RAIL) Freightcar America $1.67 EPS vs $1.38e.
(OTC:RAMR) RAM Holdings 9.4+M share IPO priced at $13.00.
(NASDAQ:RARE) Rare Hospitality $0.55 EPS vs $0.50e.
(RBAK) Redback Networks $0.05/R$57.9M vs $0.03/$52.2M(e).
(RESP) Respironics $0.38 EPS as expected; raised 2006 EPS targets.
(RJET) Republic Airways $0.39 EPS vs $0.36e.
(RMKR) Rainmaker Systems $0.06/R$11.1M vs -$0.03/$9.27 EPS.
(NASDAQ:ROCK) Gibralter Steel $0.48 EPS vs $0.45e.
(RNT) Aaron Rents $0.42 EPS vs $0.40e.
(NYSE:RPT) Ramco $0.62 FFO vs $0.61e.
(NYSE:RTN) Raytheon $0.64 EPS vs $0.53; may have gain; added $750M for share buybacks.
(NASDAQ:SIMG) Silicon Image $0.13 EPS vs $0.13e.
(NYSE:SKX) Skechers $0.38 EPS vs $0.33e.
(NASDAQ:SMSI) Smith Micro $0.12 EPS vs $0.10e.
(NASDAQ:SOHU) $0.20/R$31.25M vs $0.15/$29.9M(e); sees EPS above estimates but revenues in-line.
(NASDAQ:SONO) Sonosite -$0.02 vs $0.03e.
(NASDAQ:SRCL) Stericycle $0.52 EPS vs $0.51e.
(NYSE:SNN) Smith & Nephew $0.48 EPS vs $0.51e.
(NASDAQ:STNR) Steiner Leisure $0.59 EPS vs $0.48e.
(NYSE:STR) Questar $1.57 EPS vs $1.42e.
(TRID) Trident Micro $0.18 EPS vs $0.16e.
(NASDAQ:TSCO) Tractor Supply $0.01 vs $0.01e; R$465.5M vs $441M(e); sees 2006 EPS 2.32-2.39 vs $2.39e.
(NYSE:TSN) Tyson may open lower after Russia banned chicken imports according to CNBC report.
(NASDAQ:TTMI) TTM Tech $0.21 EPS vs $0.19e.
(NASDAQ:UACL) Universal Truckload Svc $0.28 EPS vs $0.27e.
(UBH) USB Holding $0.36 EPS vs $0.37e.
(VARI) Varian $0.48 EPS vs $0.42e.
(WITS) Witness Systems $0.19 EPS vs $0.19e; guides in-line.
(NASDAQ:WMGI) Wright Medical $0.07/R$86.3M vs $0.11/R$73.4M(e).
(NASDAQ:WOOF) VCA Antech $0.27 EPS vs $0.24e; stock up 4%.
(NASDAQ:XLNX) Xilinx $0.32/R$472.3M vs $0.28/R$465M(e); sees 2006 $1.00 vs $0.98e; increased its dividend.
(XMSR) XM Satellite -$0.60/R$208M vs -$0.54/$200.3M(e); stock trading down 7% pre-market.
(NYSE:XOM) ExxonMobil $1.37 EPS vs $1.47e; R$88.9B vs $93.5B(e); will conduct $6B in share buybacks; stock indicated down 2%.
(NASDAQ:ZEUS) Olympic Steel $0.76 EPS vs $0.64e.
(ZMH) Zimmer $0.82 EPS vs $0.82e; revenues $860.4M vs $876M(e); sees Q2 EPS $0.81-0.82 vs $0.84e and Q3 $0.76 vs $0.80e.

APOL raised to Neutral at UBS.
ASX raised to Buy at Merrill Lynch.
ATI cut to Peer Perform at Bear Stearns.
BRCM reitr Overweight at Lehman.
BSG raised to Outperform at Bear Stearns.
COCO raised to Buy at UBS.
CTX cut to Mkt Perform at Wachovia.
CVD cut to Neutral at UBS.
DSPG raised to Buy at Deutsche Bank.
EBAY removed from Focus List at Citigroup.
EQIX raised to Hold at Citigroup.
FIC cut to Neutral at JPMorgan.
GME started as Neutral at JPMorgan.
HCR raised to Buy at Jefferies.
HON cut to Underweight at JPMorgan.
IFF raised to Overweight at JPMorgan.
KEA raised to Overweight at MSDW.
MVK cut to Hold at AGEdwards.
NOVL raised to Buy at Jefferies.
NVT cut to Neutral at Merrill Lynch, cut to Neutral at UBS.
POT raised to Buy at UBS.
PTI cut to Sell at Merrill Lynch, cut to Underperform at Goldman Sachs.
SEE cut to Hold at Deutsche Bank.
SO raised to Buy at AGEdwards.
STM cut to Underweight at Lehman.
STR raised to Outperform at Wachovia.
TIN raised to Hold at Citigroup.
TMX started as Underweight at MSDW.
UARM tgt raised to $45 at B of A.
UEPS started as Overweight at MSDW.
WMGI raised to Outperform at Piper Jaffray.

Cramer on MAD MONEY noted AGCO (NYSE:AG) and Gehl (GEHL) as equipment makers that will benefit from the ethanol boom. Cramer said he likes these in a Nuclear Power bull market: Lakeland (NASDAQ:LAKE), BHP (NYSE:BHP), CAMECO (NYSE:CCJ), Shaw Group (SGR), FirstEnergy (NYSE:FE), American Ecology (NASDAQ:ECOL). He was positive on Coley Pharma (COLY) on their drug alliances with big pharma companies. Cramer said he will have UnitedHealth (NYSE:UNH) CEO on tomorrow night. In the LIGHTNING ROUND he was Positive on Level3 (NASDAQ:LVLT), WellPoint (WLP), Dynegy (NYSE:DYN), Brocade (NASDAQ:BRCD), Openwave (OPWV), Broadcom (BRCM), ChevronTexaco (NYSE:CVX), Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), Neighbors (NYSE:NBR), Phelps Dodge (PD), Coach (NYSE:COH), Halliburton (NYSE:HAL), Progenix (NASDAQ:PRGX), Conexent (NYSEARCA:CNXT) and was Negative on Vitesse (NASDAQ:VTSS).

8:30 Weekly Jobless Claims.
10:30 Weekly Natural Gas Inventories.

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