Time For Gold Again

 |  Includes: DRD, TGB
by: Joey Keasberry
After this month's changes in my mining portfolio, I have now decided that it's the right time to invest in precious metals again. I already bought (speculatively) DRDGold (DROOY) at $0.78 and after the 10:1 reverse split, the stock kept going down. I consider $6.50 a critical level and decided to sell once that level was broken. At $6.42 my sell order was executed, while the stock ended above $6.50 again.
I am still quite convinced that DRDGold will manage to get its act together, but I am also certain that it is not the best stock for short term profits. Instead, I took a long position in gold at $662, knowing that there should be some support at $660 (being 61.8% retracement level). This was successfully tested and spot gold moved up to $665 today. Should gold move below $660, there is a high likelihood of a full retracement to $640 which for me would be a very bearish sign and possibly a reason to liquidate all my positions in precious metals and certainly a reason to reduce the mining share in my portfolio. But, being the positive-minded chap that I am, I added a position in Taseko Mines Limited (NYSEMKT:TGB). I actually bought back shares in TGB.
Previously, I had bought TGB at $2.30 and sold at minor profits as there was little news to move the stock up. Now the situation is a lot more fruitful. The company is one of the very few AMEX-listed precious metals miners that actually makes money. Taseko has successfully positioned itself as a copper & gold miner and has a good cash position with a positive cash flow. Taseko's Prosperity and Harmony mines alone should account for some 7.5 mio ounces of proven & probable gold reserves, which already makes the company's $600M market capitalization look reasonable. Add to that the company's young & producing Gibraltar copper mine and you have a clearly undervalued stock, despite its recent rise. This stock will go through the roofs in two or three years from now as the Prosperity mine will get closer to production. I think we have a winner.
Disclosure: The author bought TGB at $4.60 and closed his position in DROOD at $6.42.