Commodity Chart Of The Day: Yen

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Commodity Chart Of The Day

Daily Japanese Yen

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Risk off is very evident, with stocks and commodities getting hit hard in today's session. Where the money is flowing as of this post is into the U.S. dollar and Treasuries. A bullish engulfing candle in the greenback, and if this rally can hold at two month highs, we should grind higher. Similar performance in both 30-year bonds and 10-year notes, with bullish engulfing candles lifting prices to their highest in weeks as well. 134'00 should be challenged in 10-year notes, while a trade above 151'00 is expected in 30-year bonds. I'd be interested in establishing bearish plays from higher levels.

Back to the JY…I expect an inverse relationship to risk assets to play out. By no stretch of the imagination am I anticipating a 2008-like meltdown, but we could see pressure short term. To have some skin in the game but without massive exposure, I prefer options as opposed to futures. As seen on the chart above, December futures have completed a 50% Fibonacci retracement, and it appears we could get a bounce from oversold levels. A settlement above the down sloping trend line is needed for confirmation. There is an endless combination of option spreads or outrights that I can recommend. The bottom line: set up a trade trying to capitalize on a trade to 1.2750/1.2800 in the coming weeks.

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