News Flash to BofA's Lewis: Demand Isn't Problem - Supply Is

| About: Bank of (BAC)

Bank of America's (NYSE:BAC) Ken Lewis talks to Fortune:  

Lewis is under no illusion that the next few years will be easy. “The Golden Age for financial services is over,” he tells Fortune. “It will never be the same, not in my career. Revenues will be far harder to get in the future.” [Emph. added]

Really? Let’s do a thought experiment, to see if that’s true.

Suppose you’re in the energy business, and a massive, global hurricane wipes out a huge portion of the industry’s infrastructure, from offshore platforms, to refineries, to pipelines. Capacity is reduced materially, at the same time that remaining participants, heaven help them, decide en masse to pare back investments in new capacity, and pay down debt, instead.

Long-term global demand for energy, meanwhile, hasn’t changed, and remains strong. You’re one of the lucky operators whose assets have come through the mess relatively unscathed.

Do you really think revenues will be hard to come by?

Neither do I. . . .