Raw Data Report: Pizza Inn, Cosi, Steak n' Shake

 |  Includes: COSI, RAVE
by: TickerMine

Each day, Wall Street is flooded with stock research offering a multitude of conflicting investment opinions. As such, TickerMine is not in the business of providing more opinions. We believe that accurate raw data points can be used to gain insight in to the stock selection and valuation process.

Customers Spend Low at Pizza Inn (PZZI)

We profiled Pizza Inn, Inc., the Texas-based pizzeria chain, this week by asking respondents at 25 locations whether lunch or dinner is busier, what brings in the customers, how much does the average party of two spend, is customer traffic up or down, and how old is the location? This was after the chain announced its same store sales growth of 2.6% for the fiscal year 2008.

We learned that lunch and dinner were about the same with 56% reporting lunch as the busier shift and 44% claiming it to be dinner. Only 4% of respondents say their location is newer than a year. Roughly 36% say the atmosphere impresses their customers the most. 40% say it is a particular menu item and 24% think it is the low prices. The average check for a party of two is roughly $26 and the most popular menu items are: the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza (20%), the Taco Pizza (16%) and 8% of those polled mentioned the Chicken Fajita, Meaty Max Pizza and the Bacon Cheddar Ham Pizza. And while 40% say business is "the same" as a year ago. 24% say it "less busy" and 36% say sales are up.

Cosi (NASDAQ:COSI) Business Flat vs. Last Year

Just 12% of Cosi restaurants say their location is less busy than last year, down from 18% in July. 18% say they are busier, down from 36% in July. 67% say business is the same, up from 55% in July. The average-sized bill for a party of two is approximately $26, similar to the July average. According to 65%, the Italiano Sandwich is the most popular menu item.

Steakburgers Sell for Steak n' Shake (SNS)

The relatively new-to-the-menu steakburger was cited as the most popular menu item by 66% in a recent Steak n' Shake survey. 47% of those surveyed were offering a weekly special, and of those, 84% stated that their location had been busier since the special began.