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I've already posted twice an aggregated sum of writedowns caused by the sub-prime meltdown. It is time to see an updated version of losses for major financial institutions. This time I've added a column with the amount of raised capital and money infusions for the respective institutions.

Altogether financial losses account for $592 billion. Up to now, raised capital and money infusion are $443 billion. You can see that since last time, the total sum has been almost tripled.

 TickerLossesCapital Received
Merrill Lynch(MER)52.229.9
Washington Mutual(NYSE:WM)45.612.1
Bank of America(NYSE:BAC)27.430.7
JPMorgan Chase(NYSE:JPM)18.819.7
Morgan Stanley(NYSE:MS)15.714.6
IKB Deutsche Industriebank(OTC:IKBDF)4.111.6
Lehman Brothers(OTC:LEHMQ)13.813.9
Royal Bank of Scotland(NYSE:RBS)13.622.2
Credit Suisse (NYSE:CS)10.13
Wells Fargo(NYSE:WFC)105.8
Deutsche Bank(NYSE:DB)9.96
TOTAL 592.9443

Losses include subprime and mortgage writedowns, reserves for bad mortgages and loans, credit losses. Capital received includes preferred shares, bonds, convertible bonds, and direct stakes.

Source: Subprime Writedowns and Losses for Major Financials