Trying to Make Sense of Cramer's Advice

by: Babak

Here’s a recent screenshot of

cramer contradicts his own adviceClick to enlarge

In the first article, he is pessimistic about the outcome of a concerted financial rescue plan and offers the kind of target that I’m used to seeing from Bob Prechter:

Why I’m Negative Now (2:02 PM Sunday)

This strategy, which I presume will not be adopted, but which makes the most sense, would allow for shotgun weddings for all the weak banks to eliminate the bleeding. Without this kind of action I am reverting to a downside target of 6,700 for Monday and then 4,700 for Tuesday in keeping with the hopeful ‘87 playbook.

A few hours later, as Asian markets and overnight futures traded higher showing confidence back in the markets, he writes:

Don’t Fade the Opening (9:13 PM Sunday)

I say, play it out, don’t sell. Let’s see if we can’t get something going for a couple of days, unless you have some stock you bought into the down-600 moments from Friday. Even if you are down a lot, you are being too greedy…

Within a time span of a few hours, he has contradicted himself. But that’s not all. Here he is, just a few days ago telling people to sell and take their money out of the market:

Whatever money you may need for the next five years, please take it out of the stock market right now, this week…I don’t want people to get hurt in the market.

Got that, Cramerica? Clear as mud, right? Booya!

It looks like Cramer is just throwing everything at the wall and hoping something will stick. Whatever scenario plays out, he will have ample “opinions” to choose from and point to, and many others to conveniently sweep under the rug.