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  • Texas Floods Provide Price Support To Cotton
    Nathan Buehler BAL, CTNN Today, 3:07 PM
  • Coal: A Long-Term Bull Market, Fueled By Supply And Demand
    Calder H. Lamb ANR, BTU, CNX Today, 1:45 PM
  • Vantage Energy A Catalyst For Supply Contraction Thesis?
    Dallas Salazar AR, CHK, EQT Today, 1:35 PM
  • U.S. Soybeans Struggle On Global Market
    T. Marc Schober SOYB, WEET, CORN Today, 11:00 AM
  • Mid-Year Commodity Checkup: Alive Despite The Flatline
    S&P Dow Jones Indices Today, 9:09 AM
  • Commodities Today: Energy Names Decline Sharply, Some Look Like Buys
    Matthew Smith BLDP, BP, CHK Today, 8:14 AM
  • Marin Katusa: Tricks Anybody Can Use To Out-Invest The Top Fund Managers
    The Energy Report AOIFF, CCJ, EOG Today, 7:29 AM
  • Zinc And Lead Swoon Through June
    MetalMiner LD, LEDD Today, 5:37 AM
  • Crude Oil Remains A 'Sell' After Rising Imports Fuel Surprise Inventory Build
    Force Majeure RSX, UWTI, USO Today, 5:19 AM
  • The Teucrium Corn ETF Pops On June's Quarter-End Agriculture Reports
    Dr. Duru CORN Yesterday, 2:56 PM
  • Correlation Of Commodities With World Stock Indexes: The Short Opportunity
    Speeder SPY, UNG, USO Yesterday, 9:30 AM
  • Long-Term Supply Contracting Activity Could Pick Up In The Uranium Market
    Alpha World CCJ, RIO Yesterday, 8:46 AM
  • Grains Rally In Wet June Weather
    T. Marc Schober SOYB, CORN, WEET Yesterday, 8:28 AM
  • Commodities Today: Key Stocks To Watch Moving Forward
    Matthew Smith ACI, ANR, BTU Yesterday, 8:21 AM
  • Can Shareholder Activism Shake Up The E&P Sector?
    Small Cap Capital APA, APC, CHK Yesterday, 8:04 AM
  • Finally Passing Gas: 10 Winners And Losers Of The Panama Canal Expansion
    Joseph Shupac UNG, UGAZ, DGAZ Yesterday, 8:00 AM
  • $8 Trillion Alternative Energy Boom Is A Win For Copper
    Frank Holmes Yesterday, 7:23 AM
  • Bakken By County
    Ron Patterson USO, OIL, UCO Yesterday, 6:59 AM
  • Freeport-McMoRan Is Still Too Risky Even At Its Current Price
    Lior Cohen FCX Yesterday, 5:26 AM
  • Rio Tinto And The Sale Of Coal Assets
    ColoradoWealthManagementFund RIO Yesterday, 3:46 AM
  • Rain Makes Grains (Die?)
    Jeff Malec DBA, CORN, JJG Yesterday, 3:37 AM
  • Chart Of The Day: U.S. Oil Output Increased To A 44-Year High In April, Just Slightly Below November 1970 Peak
    Mark J. Perry USO, OIL, UCO Yesterday, 2:00 AM
  • Crude Oil In The Second Half
    Bespoke Investment Group USO, OIL, UCO Yesterday, 1:30 AM
  • Wind And Solar Will Soon Become The 'Least-Cost Option'
    Benzinga FSLR Tue, Jun. 30, 3:38 PM
  • Can OPEC Afford Low Oil Prices?
    Lior Cohen OIL Tue, Jun. 30, 2:24 PM
  • Farmers Hold Soybeans Hoping For Price Rally
    T. Marc Schober SOYB, CORN, WEAT Tue, Jun. 30, 1:40 PM
  • Bakken Update: Emerald Completes 90 Stage Frac In Stark County
    Michael Filloon CLR, MDU, OAS Tue, Jun. 30, 9:54 AM
  • Commodities Today: Opportunities In Oil Stocks As Questions Arise About Europe Approving Latest Mergers
    Matthew Smith GPOR, HK, KPLUY Tue, Jun. 30, 8:45 AM
  • Palladium: Lack Of Investor, Automotive Demand Creates 2-Year Low
    MetalMiner PALL Tue, Jun. 30, 7:28 AM
  • Calculating Breakeven Prices And A Valuation Metric For Oil And Gas Companies
    Michael Bissell CHK, GPOR, PQ Tue, Jun. 30, 7:00 AM
  • The Supreme Court And Coal
    Paulo Santos ACI, ANR, CLD Mon, Jun. 29, 5:43 PM
  • Natural Gas - Conditions Are Weakening, Get Ready To Pounce
    Calder H. Lamb BOIL, GASL, UGAZ Mon, Jun. 29, 3:58 PM
  • Near-Term Challenges To Continue For Coal
    Equity Watch ACI, ANR, BTU Mon, Jun. 29, 2:56 PM
  • Oil Production Vital Statistics July 2015 - Equilibrium Reached
    Euan Mearns USO, OIL, UCO Mon, Jun. 29, 9:07 AM
  • Commodities Today: Oil And Uranium Miners Grabbing Headlines
    Matthew Smith CCJ, EVEP, KMI Mon, Jun. 29, 8:35 AM
  • Natural Gas Exports Ramping Sooner Than Expected
    Mike Maher LNG, SE, UNG Mon, Jun. 29, 8:06 AM
  • Have The Saudis Miscalculated The Impact Of Lower Crude Prices On U.S. Production?
    Sober Look USO, OIL, UCO Mon, Jun. 29, 7:10 AM
  • Natural Gas - All Quiet Before The Storm
    Andrew Hecht UNG, UGAZ, DGAZ Mon, Jun. 29, 7:00 AM
  • Grains: Awakenings
    Andrew Hecht UUP, DBA, CORN Mon, Jun. 29, 6:30 AM
  • El Nino Could Turn Agricultural Markets Soon
    Andrew Hecht DBA, CORN, JO Mon, Jun. 29, 6:15 AM
  • Crude Oil - Why A Stronger Dollar Will Not Cause The Price To Fall
    Andrew Hecht USO, OIL, UCO Mon, Jun. 29, 6:00 AM
  • Cocoa - A Commodity Defies The Secular Bear Market
    Andrew Hecht NIB, CHOC, DBA Mon, Jun. 29, 5:45 AM
  • Heavy Rains Increase Importance Of June Grain Stocks Report
    Dr. Duru CORN Sun, Jun. 28, 3:47 AM
  • The Natural Gas Industry Will Meet An Untimely Collapse
    Simple Investment Ideas ATO, CPK, KMI Sun, Jun. 28, 2:58 AM
  • NatGas Inventory Builds Shrink As Power Demand Surges, But Cool Down Is Coming
    Hard Assets Investor UNG, UGAZ, DGAZ Sat, Jun. 27, 5:31 AM
  • End Of Iran Sanctions Begets Natural Gas Glut
    Wall Street Daily UNG, TOT, E Fri, Jun. 26, 2:02 PM
  • Iron Ore Prices Could Come Under Significant Pressure In Second Half Of The Year
    Alpha World VALE, BHP, DBB Fri, Jun. 26, 8:23 AM
  • OPEC Vs. Team USA Oil Shalers: Round Two
    Robert Boslego CLR Fri, Jun. 26, 8:22 AM
  • Commodities Today: Potash And Fertilizer Stocks Rise Amid Merger Talk
    Matthew Smith AGU, IPI, KPLUY Fri, Jun. 26, 7:49 AM
  • Where The Germs Are And Where The Antimicrobial Copper Will Go
    MetalMiner JJC, CPER, CUPM Fri, Jun. 26, 7:17 AM