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    Dean Popplewell USO, OIL, UCO Today, 8:46 AM
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  • Digging Deeper
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  • Outlook For Base Metals As U.S. Dollar Strengthens On Anticipated Rate Hike
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  • Oil: My December Outlook
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  • MiningWEALTH Weekly Update #8: Record High Brazilian Gold Price Creates Hidden Opportunities
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  • Why The Worst Is Not Over Yet For Commodities
    Gary Bourgeault DBC Tue, Nov. 24, 9:21 AM
  • Comprehensive Energy Update: Shares Retrace, Saudis Seek Cooperation, December OPEC Meeting, Oil Resumes Slide
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  • Making More Waves? Aluminum Smelters Are Chasing Down The Price Curve
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  • Crude Oil Market Structure Looks Weak, But It Is Only One Part Of A Complicated Puzzle
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  • Looking At Copper's Bear Market
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  • A Dim Week For Oil But Positive Aspects Remain
    Daniel Jones AREX, BBEP, BHI Mon, Nov. 23, 3:59 AM
  • Current Copper Price Below Cost Of Production
    EconMatters USO, OIL, UCO Sun, Nov. 22, 12:50 PM
  • Methanex Struggles Will Continue As Methanol Spot Drops Around The World
    Gary Bourgeault MEOH Sun, Nov. 22, 4:48 AM
  • Swap Spreads For Dummies?
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  • Is OPEC Increasing Its Market Share Due To Low Oil Prices?
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  • The Case Of Bottoming Oil Prices
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  • Oil Majors, OPEC And The Oil Price
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  • Coal And Natural Gas Fight It Out For Market Share In Asia
    Oilprice FDI, LNG Fri, Nov. 20, 10:09 AM
  • Why The Oil Price Rose Stupendously, Why It Will Stay Low, And What This Means For The World
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  • Experts See Low Oil Prices For Decades To Come As U.S. Shale Boom Goes Global
    Financial Sense USO, OIL, UCO Fri, Nov. 20, 6:09 AM
  • The Baltic Dry Shipping Index Just Collapsed To An All-Time Record Low
    Michael T. Snyder USO, OIL, UCO Fri, Nov. 20, 5:30 AM
  • The Unintended Consequence Of OPEC's Aggressive Stance - An Oil Price Spike
    The Next Commodity Boom USO, HERO Thu, Nov. 19, 6:01 PM
  • Oil Companies Enjoy Cash Surplus As Q3 Write-Downs Increased $38 Billion
    Gary Bourgeault EOG, RDS.A Thu, Nov. 19, 5:46 PM
  • Drilling For Oil On Wall Street
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  • 5 World Currencies That Are Closely Tied To Commodities
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  • Boston Bound: LNG On The Way To New England
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