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  • How Much Does It Cost To Produce One Barrel Of Oil From Shale (Halcon, Laredo, Lonestar, Magnum Hunter, Matador, Northern, And Oasis) In 2014?
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  • 3-Month LME Nickel Price Falls Below $13,000 A Metric Ton, Its Lowest Since 2009
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  • Here Is One Important Energy Metric Being Closely Watched
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  • Commodities Today: Oil, Precious Metals Lower, Asset Sales And Pay Packages Impacting These Stocks
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  • Shale Oil's Burst-In-Progress Is Due To The Treadmill Dynamics
    Sarfaraz A. Khan AREX, CLR, EOG Yesterday, 9:21 AM
  • Oil Peaks And Valleys: Why Big Oil Is A Bargain
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  • Stop Obsessing Over Inventories And Rig Count... Focus On The Cash Flow
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  • Oil Sands Outlook
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  • Oil Production Vital Statistics: April 2015
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  • A Bear Market Rally In Commodities
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  • Low Crude Prices: Will It Stem Deepwater Drilling?
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  • Oil: The Strait Of Hormuz And Why It Is Important
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  • Get Ready To Buy Oil If Lausanne Discussions Fail
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  • Here's How A Proxy War In Yemen Could Impact North American Refiners
    Tristan R. Brown ADM, ALJ, BP Sun, Mar. 29, 3:46 PM
  • Wait To Buy Halliburton - Oil Prices May Not Rebound Until 2017
    Value Scope BHI, HAL Sun, Mar. 29, 6:10 AM
  • Met Coal Market Will Make A Turnaround In Long Term, But Early 2015 To Remain Challenging
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  • Benefiting From Mexico's Energy Reforms
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  • Why Fortescue Metals' Call For A Cap On Iron Ore Production Will Never Be Heeded By Other Majors
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  • Hedging Geopolitical Risk With Oil
    S&P Dow Jones Indices Fri, Mar. 27, 5:24 AM
  • Companies In Australia's Cooper Basin Worth Watching: Canaccord Genuity's Johan Hedstrom
    The Energy Report BRGYY, CVX, OGFGF Fri, Mar. 27, 1:48 AM
  • Earliest Inventory Build Since 2012 Sends NatGas Lower
    Hard Assets Investor UNG, DGAZ, UGAZ Fri, Mar. 27, 12:19 AM
  • The Return Of Risk Premium To The Oil Market
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  • Is The Brent-WTI Spread About To Widen?
    Lior Cohen MPC, VLO Thu, Mar. 26, 3:42 PM
  • The WTI Brent Spread Looks Like It Will Widen
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  • Tough Short Term Will Give Way For Coal To Rebound In Long Term
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  • Commodities Today: Oil, Precious Metals Rally On Saudi Arabia's Intervention
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  • Natural Gas: An Early Switch From Withdrawal To Injection Season
    Nate Costello BOIL, DCNG, DGAZ Thu, Mar. 26, 11:41 AM
  • Soybeans Exports Rebound After 6 Consecutive Weeks Of Decline
    T. Marc Schober SOYB, CORN, WEET Thu, Mar. 26, 11:09 AM
  • Hard Evidence: Why Pump Prices Haven't Fallen As Fast As Oil Has
    Jay Zagorsky USO, OIL, UCO Thu, Mar. 26, 10:20 AM
  • A Regression Analysis Of Wheat And Oil Prices
    Michael Grogan WEAT, USO, OIL Thu, Mar. 26, 9:11 AM
  • The United States Shale Boom: The Reasoning For The Low Price Of Crude Oil
    Nicholas Bodnar BP, COP, CVX Thu, Mar. 26, 7:31 AM
  • How Much Does It Cost To Produce One Barrel Of Oil From Shale (Diamondback, Emerald, Energen, EP, Gastar, Goodrich, Gulfport) In 2014?
    Christoph Aublinger EGN, EOX, EPE Thu, Mar. 26, 7:03 AM
  • Saudis Signal New Oil Strategy As Production Nears Record Highs
    Hard Assets Investor USO, OIL, UCO Thu, Mar. 26, 5:45 AM
  • Another 8 Million Barrels Added To Oil Storage
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  • It Had To Happen - An Outright Call For Iron Ore Collusion
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  • There Will Be No Oil Storage Crisis In 2015
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