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  • U.S. Shale Oil: Drilling Productivity And Decline Rates
    Euan Mearns USO, OIL, UCO Mon, Jul. 27, 7:23 AM
  • Metals: The Dollar And China Scream Lower
    Andrew Hecht FXI, UUP, UDN Mon, Jul. 27, 7:00 AM
  • The Energy Sector: Bottoming Or 'Lower For Longer'?
    Brian Gilmartin, CFA DBE, RJN, JJE Mon, Jul. 27, 6:33 AM
  • Copper Is On Its Way To $2
    Andrew Hecht JJC, CPER, CUPM Mon, Jul. 27, 6:15 AM
  • Natural Gas - Late August Surprise Ahead
    Andrew Hecht UNG, UGAZ, DGAZ Mon, Jul. 27, 6:00 AM
  • Bearish Sentiment Grows And It Is Flawed
    Andrew Hecht USO, OIL, UCO Mon, Jul. 27, 5:45 AM
  • Aluminum, Copper Hit 6-Year Lows: Buying On Weakness Is For The Weak
    MetalMiner COPX, CU, JJU Mon, Jul. 27, 5:37 AM
  • Hedge Funds' Oil Factor Timing
    AlphaBetaWorks USO, OIL, UCO Sun, Jul. 26, 4:20 AM
  • Rude Awakening For Those Who Ignored The Energy Markets' Warning Signs
    Sober Look USO, OIL, XLE Sun, Jul. 26, 3:07 AM
  • Commodity Prices In Perspective
    Calafia Beach Pundit GLD, USO, OIL Sat, Jul. 25, 12:23 PM
  • The Keystone State Is The Key To The Future Of Coal
    Joshua S. Hall ACI, AHGP, ANR Fri, Jul. 24, 6:56 PM
  • Buy Oil Stocks For The Long Term
    Shane Legatzke HP, RES Fri, Jul. 24, 4:54 PM
  • Will OPEC 'Throw In The Towel'?
    Robert Boslego OIL, USO Fri, Jul. 24, 2:12 PM
  • What Blows Up Next? Part 1: Resource-Based Economies
    John Rubino BZF Fri, Jul. 24, 2:00 PM
  • Game-Changing Turning Points Across The Energy Complex
    Matt Smith BP, KOL, MRO Fri, Jul. 24, 1:29 PM
  • Don't Ignore The Weakness In Commodities
    Nicholas P. Cheer UUP, DBC, UDN Fri, Jul. 24, 4:55 AM
  • Sub-$2/Gas This Winter?
    Hale Stewart UGA Thu, Jul. 23, 9:44 PM
  • Commodities Damage The BRICS Cushion
    Ashraf Laidi DBC, BIK, BKF Thu, Jul. 23, 7:09 PM
  • Heavy Debt Loads And The Falling Price Of Crude, Will Spark Mergers And Acquisitions Going Forward
    Nicholas Bodnar BG, BHI, BP Thu, Jul. 23, 1:52 PM
  • Iran Has A Lot Of Hurdles To Pass Before Ramping Up Production
    Lior Cohen OIL Thu, Jul. 23, 1:36 PM
  • Corn Exports Supported By Japan And South Korea
    T. Marc Schober CORN, SOYB, WEAT Thu, Jul. 23, 10:14 AM
  • Cabot, Antero, And Others Benefit As Appalachian Basis Differentials Disappear
    Mike Maher AR, CNX, COG Thu, Jul. 23, 8:55 AM
  • Commodities Today: More Bad News Pushing These Names Lower
    Matthew Smith BHI, CAT, DE Thu, Jul. 23, 8:44 AM
  • Uranium: What Happened And What To Expect
    Beurs-Advies DNN, FCUUF, URA Thu, Jul. 23, 7:25 AM
  • Commodities Collapsed Just Before The Last Stock Market Crash - So Guess What Is Happening Right Now?
    Michael T. Snyder DBC, DJP, GSG Thu, Jul. 23, 5:31 AM
  • With Base Metals Leading Commodities Down, Prepare For More Market Volatility
    MetalMiner DBC, DJP, DBB Thu, Jul. 23, 4:51 AM
  • Texas RRC Oil & Gas Production
    Ron Patterson USO, OIL, UCO Thu, Jul. 23, 3:52 AM
  • Will The Oil Patch Bust Trigger Recession?
    Charles Hugh Smith USO, OIL, UCO Wed, Jul. 22, 5:55 PM
  • The Participant 7/22/15: Commodities
    Jason Kelly FOIL, TONS, CHOC Wed, Jul. 22, 3:21 PM
  • Winning The Hunger Games: Tom Wallace On How To Choose Successful Agriculture Investments
    The Energy Report INPCF Wed, Jul. 22, 2:54 PM
  • Fertilizer Oligopoly May Strengthen
    Shelley Goldberg AGU, BHP, CF Wed, Jul. 22, 1:32 PM
  • Debating Andy Hall - Oil Market Conditions And The Future Of Oil Prices
    Robert Boslego USO, OIL, UCO Wed, Jul. 22, 12:57 PM
  • The Iran Deal: A Black Lining?
    Brett Gore USO, OIL, UCO Wed, Jul. 22, 11:43 AM
  • Brazil's Future Oil Situation
    The Value Portfolio PBR, EWZ Wed, Jul. 22, 11:41 AM
  • Commodities Today: Sell-Off And Dividend Cuts Continue
    Matthew Smith CHK, EOG, FCX Wed, Jul. 22, 8:44 AM
  • Lead Price Forecast, July 2015: Excitement Turns...
    MetalMiner LD, LEDD Wed, Jul. 22, 3:39 AM
  • Does A Commodities Crash Mean Global Depression, Mass Devaluation Or Both?
    John Rubino DBC, DJP, GSG Wed, Jul. 22, 3:09 AM
  • The Current Oil Market Thus Far
    Nicholas Bodnar CBI, ESV, NOV Tue, Jul. 21, 5:58 PM
  • Energy Sector Outlook - Part III
    Mark Bern, CFA CAT, UNP, CMI Tue, Jul. 21, 4:19 PM
  • The Case For The Canadian Oil Sands
    Michael Munro CETEF, CNQ, COSWF Tue, Jul. 21, 4:14 PM
  • Crude Oil Is The Best-Performing Commodity Of 2015 So Far
    Frank Holmes CORN, GLD Tue, Jul. 21, 3:08 PM
  • Are We Nearing Peak Commodity Hatred?
    Cullen Roche DBC, DJP, GSG Tue, Jul. 21, 10:58 AM
  • Offshore Vs. Shale - Rig Counts
    Profit Propositions BNO, DO, ESV Tue, Jul. 21, 9:33 AM
  • Commodities Today: Selling Continues With Energy Names Dropping Sharply
    Matthew Smith CHK, GDP, GPOR Tue, Jul. 21, 8:35 AM
  • Of 'Break-Even' Oil Prices And Russia
    Constantin Gurdgiev USO, OIL, UCO Tue, Jul. 21, 7:55 AM
  • I've Never Seen A Market Like This
    Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin USO, OIL, UCO Tue, Jul. 21, 7:04 AM
  • Why Hedge Funds Are Not Bullish On Oil
    HedgeThink USO, OIL, UCO Mon, Jul. 20, 4:50 PM
  • Despite Sanctions, Russia Remains Global Energy Player
    Global Risk Insights RSX, RUSL, RUSS Mon, Jul. 20, 4:48 PM
  • What Needs To Happen Before I Will Consider Buying Any Oil Stocks
    GEOInvestor CNQ, CVE, SU Mon, Jul. 20, 3:36 PM
  • Will The Oil Glut Dry Up Soon?
    I Know First Research OIL, USO Mon, Jul. 20, 1:05 PM