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    Glyndon Park XLE, XLV Tue, Apr. 8, 7:40 AM
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    Larry Swedroe Tue, Apr. 8, 7:00 AM
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    Michael A. Gayed TRSY, SPY Mon, Apr. 7, 7:33 AM
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    Turnkey Analyst Mon, Apr. 7, 4:43 AM
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    Market Compass SPY, EFA, EEM Sun, Apr. 6, 8:18 AM
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    Lowell Herr DBC, GLD, IAU Sun, Apr. 6, 7:30 AM
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    Brian Ingham SPY, DIA, QQQ Sun, Apr. 6, 5:20 AM
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    Peter F. Way BHI, EOG, KOG Sat, Apr. 5, 1:20 AM
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    David Pinsen AA, GILD, HPQ Fri, Apr. 4, 4:26 PM
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    Charles Lewis Sizemore MTUM, MOM, RSX Fri, Apr. 4, 11:13 AM
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    Ben Hunt Wed, Apr. 2, 9:46 AM
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    Michael Boggio Wed, Apr. 2, 7:33 AM
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    David Merkel SPY, QQQ, DIA Wed, Apr. 2, 7:29 AM
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    Jay Snodgrass Tue, Apr. 1, 10:20 AM
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    Gary Gordon EEMV, EPHE Mon, Mar. 31, 2:53 PM
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    Research Affiliates Mon, Mar. 31, 2:32 PM
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    Glyndon Park SPY Mon, Mar. 31, 8:27 AM
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    Harry Long SPXU, TMV, SPY Mon, Mar. 31, 7:51 AM
  • A Well Rounded Model
    Market Compass EFA, EEM, IYR Mon, Mar. 31, 3:25 AM
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    Glyndon Park BLW, ERC, EVG Sun, Mar. 30, 9:58 PM
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    Peter F. Way TQQQ, UPRO, URTY Sun, Mar. 30, 8:54 PM
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    Thomas Biddison, III EFA Sun, Mar. 30, 4:32 AM
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    K202 UAL Sat, Mar. 29, 3:58 AM
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    GestaltU Fri, Mar. 28, 4:31 PM
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