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  • Reading Rates: MBA Application Survey - August 20 2014
    Sold At The Top KME, MORL, MORT Today, 4:18 AM
  • Real Estate Investors Have A Brief Window Of Opportunity
    Markos Kaminis DHI, JPM, NLY Yesterday, 2:40 PM
  • Hard Dollars Back Up Housing Observations
    Joseph Calhoun XHB, ITB, PKB Yesterday, 6:26 AM
  • Housing Relates To Income More Than Credit Now
    Joseph Calhoun XHB, ITB, PKB Yesterday, 6:16 AM
  • Fannie Mae Cuts Housing Outlook
    Anthony Fernandez IYR, XHB Tue, Aug. 19, 4:07 PM
  • Homebuilders Are Happy - Should They Be?
    Markos Kaminis BAC, MORT, MTG Tue, Aug. 19, 9:57 AM
  • Solid Gains In Commercial Real Estate
    Calafia Beach Pundit VNQ Tue, Aug. 19, 8:20 AM
  • Momentum Continues For Home Builder Confidence Even As Affordability Continues Its Decline
    Dr. Duru XHB, ITB, PKB Tue, Aug. 19, 4:16 AM
  • Mortgage Supply Problems
    Joseph Calhoun IYR, ICF Sat, Aug. 16, 3:26 PM
  • Mortgage Servicing Rights Values Close Mixed For The Week As Current And Forward Mortgage Rates Drop 0.03%
    Donald van Deventer AGNC, BBT, C Fri, Aug. 15, 1:22 PM
  • Low-Rate Oasis Is A Mirage For Real Estate Stocks
    Markos Kaminis BAC, BOND, MTG Thu, Aug. 14, 8:19 AM
  • Mortgage Lending Continues To Loosen... Nowhere Near Bubble Levels
    Todd Sullivan DRN, DRV, FTY Wed, Aug. 13, 5:29 AM
  • Government Of Canada Prepares For A Housing Crash
    Praveen Chawla BMO, BNS, CM Tue, Aug. 12, 9:58 AM
  • Still Plenty Of Upside In Housing
    DailyWealth XHB, ITB, PKB Mon, Aug. 11, 4:21 PM
  • Million-Dollar Plus Homes And A Race For Affordability In California
    Dr. Duru TPH, KBH, LEN Mon, Aug. 11, 2:10 AM
  • The Stock Market Is Starting To Price In The Next Housing Downturn
    Dave Kranzler BZH, DHI, LEN Mon, Aug. 11, 1:16 AM
  • Resurgent Private Residential Investment Not Enough To Lift Housing Spirits
    Dr. Duru ITB Thu, Jul. 31, 12:40 AM
  • Zillow Housing Data Portends A Housing Downturn
    Anthony Fernandez XHB, ITB, PKB Wed, Jul. 30, 7:34 AM
  • Should You Invest In Farm Land?
    Roger Nusbaum MOO, DBA, JJA Tue, Jul. 29, 12:21 PM
  • Fairholme Win 'Very Positive' For Fannie Shareholders: Bove
    ValueWalk IYR, XHB, FMCC Tue, Jul. 29, 4:30 AM
  • Pending Home Sales: June 2014
    Sold At The Top REZ, RTL, XHB Tue, Jul. 29, 4:05 AM
  • June Pending Home Sales Index: A Bearish Report Sends Homebuilder Stocks Lower
    Dave Kranzler BZH, DHI, KBH Mon, Jul. 28, 5:31 PM
  • QE3 By The Numbers
    Pater Tenebrarum IYR, DRN, REZ Mon, Jul. 28, 6:01 AM
  • The Keynesian Money Printers Repudiated Again: June New Home Sales Swoon
    David Stockman IYR, DRN, URE Mon, Jul. 28, 5:51 AM
  • Another Up And Down Week For Housing Ends On A Particularly Damaging Note
    Dr. Duru SPY, ITB Mon, Jul. 28, 12:21 AM
  • Real Estate Stocks Getting Hit On Recent News
    Anthony Fernandez ICF, IYR, XHB Fri, Jul. 25, 3:13 PM
  • New Homes Sales For June Plummet
    Dave Kranzler BZH, DHI, KBH Thu, Jul. 24, 5:25 PM
  • Is Rental Income Set To Tumble?
    Anthony Fernandez AVB, BRE, CPT Thu, Jul. 24, 4:02 PM
  • Home Builders And The Quagmire Of Weak Economic, Wage Growth
    Aaron Layman LEN, DHI, PHM Wed, Jul. 23, 5:01 PM
  • Why Housing Is The Most Important Area To Watch
    Sean Emory SPY, XHB, IYR Wed, Jul. 23, 3:10 PM
  • Existing Home Sales: Headlines Have Hope But Actual Data Needs Help
    Dave Kranzler REZ, IYR Wed, Jul. 23, 11:55 AM
  • Depth In Home Sales
    Joseph Calhoun IYR, DRN, REZ Wed, Jul. 23, 3:58 AM
  • Home Prices Are Historically Overvalued Yet Again
    Anthony Fernandez DHI, IYR, KBH Wed, Jul. 23, 1:50 AM
  • Mortgage Applications And Housing Starts Leave Little Doubt About The Housing Market
    Dave Kranzler REM, MORL, XHB Mon, Jul. 21, 5:57 PM
  • No Need For Alarm Over Housing Starts Even As They Clash With Bullish Builder Sentiment
    Dr. Duru ITB Mon, Jul. 21, 6:24 AM
  • Insurance Policies For Financial Stability: The UK Tightens Housing Policies And Further Tunes Its Warnings
    Dr. Duru FXB Mon, Jul. 21, 12:02 AM
  • What's The Future Of Housing?
    Ryan Cole Thu, Jul. 17, 7:58 PM
  • Soft Housing Starts Data For June: A Warning Or Sign Of A Maturing Recovery?
    James Picerno XHB, ITB, PKB Thu, Jul. 17, 3:00 PM
  • Housing Starts Plunge Due To Horrific Data From The South
    Marc Chandler IYR, XHB Thu, Jul. 17, 9:35 AM
  • U.S. Housing Starts: June 2014 Preview
    James Picerno IYR, VNQ, DRN Wed, Jul. 16, 8:17 AM
  • Why Invest In U.S. Housing?
    Real Estater AGNC, NRF, MBB Fri, Jul. 11, 10:49 AM
  • Watching For Signs Of U.S. Housing Market Activity
    Sober Look IYR, DRN, URE Fri, Jul. 11, 2:50 AM
  • Reading Rates: MBA Application Survey - July 09 2014
    Sold At The Top KME, MORL, MORT Wed, Jul. 9, 4:07 PM
  • Australia's Central Bank Is Not Overly Concerned With Having One Of The Most Expensive Housing Markets In The World
    Dr. Duru FXA Sun, Jul. 6, 12:16 AM
  • Some Thoughts On Slowing Home Price Appreciation In The U.S.
    Sober Look Fri, Jul. 4, 10:18 AM
  • Rental Home Shortage Is America's Next Housing Crisis
    Sober Look Fri, Jul. 4, 9:52 AM
  • A New Trend Shaping Up For U.S. Housing Prices?
    Ironman at Political Calculations IYR, VNQ, DRN Wed, Jul. 2, 6:11 AM
  • Construction Spending: May 2014
    Sold At The Top IYR, XHB Wed, Jul. 2, 2:57 AM
  • Updated S&P/Case-Shiller Housing Numbers
    Bespoke Investment Group IYR, VNQ, DRN Mon, Jun. 30, 3:19 PM
  • The State Of The Housing Market, May 2014
    Hale Stewart RTL, REZ Mon, Jun. 30, 1:28 PM