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Portfolio strategy, dividend investing, etf investing
Aaron Katsman
Portfolio strategy, dividend investing, ETF investing
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Robert-- you just let the cat out of the bag
Buyandhold 2012, Thanks for teh compliment--- As you so aptly descrbie we can apply this pinciple to our daily lives with good results--why not with our investments.
Doug, Interesting article. I wasn't clear about one thing. You say that they had 70% in US value stocks. Did I understand correctly that you moved out of the value fund and replaced with these 6 dividend stocks? That means that you put $1.4m of their retirement portfolio in 6 stocks? Did I misunderstand or is that your model?
Curious why not cut their stock expsoure and add some preferreds or MLP's? Keep up the good work
Thanks, unfortunately like most of the world, no one looks at the details to see what is exactly in the budget.
Thanks for your comments. Lapid actually raised it as percent of GDP as well. According to Israelhayom, "Last week, Lapid raised the 2013 budget deficit target to 4.65% of GDP from 3%. The 2014 target was lifted to 3% of GDP from 2.75%.
He had wanted a 4.9% target this year but backtracked after Standard & Poor's cut Israel's local currency sovereign credit rating last week, citing "recent fiscal slippage." http://bit.ly/YCurwi
Jorge-- Thanks. I totally agree with you. I think the Colombia, Chile and Peru trade is one that has potential to bring solid returns for a long time.
Thanks for the compliment
Well said. They really need to leave the euro and get their sovereignty back
thank you
Thanks and you are right about the SS benefit and Inflation protection although last year, keep in mind there was no indexing to inflation on SS benefits
David--Thanks for the compliment. You are correct that investors should have more bucket 3 exposure decades before retirement. Maybe that's another article. My point here was specifically for retirees. As for your cynicism( which I wholeheartedly agree with) about the fee's as a hidden agenda, it's a wonder to me why they don't try to incorporate secondary market non-traded reits. As I mentioned on the IPO these are profitable only for the advisor but leave client with a huge commission to pay. Once you get past the IPO stage, and they trade 15% lower than IPO price, they become very interesting.
It sounds that you may be a bit stock heavy. On the other hand, when you factor in your wife's income/cash and cashing out of your business you may have more than enough money to meet your retirement needs, and as such you could have a greater equity allocation in order to actually grow your assets. For retirees, this is a luxary that they don't have, and have to be more conservative in their planning approach.
Moon Kil-- I would agree that cahs is safe, but if you are trying to make money in a bad market, the only surefire way is to short.... then if market drop you profit...But I do agree, that for investors with uneasyness, cash is king
Cliff--I am not saying that there may not be a bit more downside. It's just that as an entry point now is an interesting time, if you have a long term outlook. Wile macro economic situation is no good, corporate America is doing very well. I think in the not too distant future investors are going to focus on that.
Retailinvestor-- u are right.Part of the point of this piece was to fit the allocation to her specific needs. Too often I see clients that have 'off the shelf' retirement portfolios that don't take their individual needs and circumstances into account.
Robert Allan--- i agree, JNJ is a cornerstone for many portfolios
Great conversation, guys. You all are presenting really good ideas for different dividend stocks. My point is for retirees -- who may need to dip into principal to meet their monthly objectives -- dividend investing is part of the strategy, but not a comprehensive solution in and of itself.
Love that SA has finally gotten on the crowdsourcing bus. Bank stocks are interesting for sure, but for the most comprhensive way to use the startegy check out tradestreaming.com. I learned so much about using social media and investing from this source.
Nice artilce. Not sure where you got the 60 stocks that trade in the US from. There are currently more than 100 such companies
nice articel. part of the problem is that so fewa americans have any retirement savings. There has to be some knd of push to get people saving www.aaronkatsman.com/2.../
banks were the most regulated of all industry and look what happened. The answer is that governments need to leave business alone and let market forces work there magic. aaronkatsman.com