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After some consideration, we agree that the headline is not appropriate and we have edited it accordingly. Thanks to all those who have pointed out the issue.
Paul B. How do you do your homework on China IPOs? Where do you get reliable information about these companies?
A few notes:
Alternate can be used as an adjective:
It's acceptable in American English to use "a historical". grammartips.homestead....
Enormity as a synonym for "hugeness" is also acceptable.
I've never seen or heard the use of "enormousness" in contemporary English.
SeekingAlpha reprints edited versions from all of our authors' blogs. We do not alter them to reflect outside comments.
We just posted a separate post on Clearwire here: wireless.seekingalpha....
Thanks for the heads up Phil, I changed it.
Abbi (SA Editor)
Update: Upon further investigation, Herb's original construction is a correct form of the past subjunctive:
There's a post on Seeking Alpha about Marvin Appel's One Decision Portfolio ( Do you think it's possible to build a better portfolio like this using your dividend ETFs?
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The symbol for the preferred on NYSE is CHK-D.