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Abe Garver

Abe is the Managing Director of BG Strategic Advisors. He is responsible for leading M&A transactions and managing client relationships. Previous to his position with BGSA, he has worked for Focus Investment Bank in NYC, Merrill Lynch’s M&A Technology Group and Ernst & Young’s Business Valuation Group.

Abe is a Guest Commentator for Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV. He has also written the ‘Moving The E-Markets’ column for Forbes and will be speaking at the world's largest e-commerce (IRCE 2014) in June in regard to "How an Acquisition Mindset Can Make You a Better Competitor--Even if You Want to Remain Independent".

Abe is also a news source to top journalists at MarketWatch - ...More
  • Description: Licensed Securities Broker.
  • Interests: Tech stocks
BG Strategic Advisors BGSA is the leading M&A advisory firm focused on the logistics and supply chain industry. The firm specializes in providing CEOs in the logistics and supply chain industry with the tools to maximize their company’s value. BGSA has completed several well-known supply chain deals, including the sales of NESA ...More
FORBES 'Moving The E-Markets' Abe Garver is an M&A Advisor, TV Commentator, Conference Speaker Seeking Alpha and FORBES Contributor. Contact him at:
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E-Commerce Valuation: M&A Expert Offers Guidance For Savvy Investors Mar 13, 2014