Adam Xiao

Adam Xiao
Contributor since: 2012
value, research analyst, growth at reasonable price, consumer non-durables
Tomasz Tunguz, Contributor
VC Fund Manager, Tech stocks
Mingran Wang, Contributor
value, growth, long only
Capitalist Exploits, Contributor
hedge fund manager, arbitrage, contrarian, long/short equity
Richard Pearson, Contributor
long/short equity, special situations, contrarian, short only
Conscious Investor, Contributor
long/short equity, contrarian
Brian Langis, Contributor
value, contrarian, growth at reasonable price
Safety In Value, Contributor
deep value, special situations, contrarian, fund holdings
Jan Martinek, Contributor
special situations, long only, short-term horizon, growth
The GeoTeam, Contributor
long/short equity, event-driven, research analyst, activist investor
Full-time Investor, Dividend stock ideas & income, REITs
Mark Gomes, Contributor
long/short equity, research analyst, tech, IT channel checks
value, special situations, long/short equity, hedge fund manager
Logical Thought, Contributor
hedge fund manager, long/short equity, growth at reasonable price, value
Whopper Investments, Contributor
deep value, special situations, event-driven, arbitrage
John Leonard, CFA, Contributor
special situations, micro-cap, contrarian, CFA
deep value, value, special situations, research analyst
Acme Capital, Contributor
value, special situations, deep value, registered investment advisor
Jeffrey Himelson, Contributor
long/short equity, value, contrarian, research analyst
Gordon Tam, CFA, Contributor
CFA, value,, long only
Jonathan Weber, Contributor
value, dividend investing, growth
registered investment advisor, portfolio strategy, growth at reasonable price
Henrik Alex, Contributor
momentum, event-driven, short-term horizon, tech
Andrew August, Contributor
Full-time Investor, Stocks - short
Zinnia Funds, Contributor
long only, deep value, value, special situations
The Manual of Ideas, Contributor
Newsletter author, Stocks - long
deep value, special situations, hedge fund manager, Companies with NOLs
Deep Value Investor, Contributor
long only, deep value, value, special situations