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Amazing insight and I agree perfectly. Thing is little is known about this company, and there are huge gap ups on little volume, and it is clear that this stock is being manipulating on purpose, so that they announce a 10 to 1 split on earnings, make it liquid and insiders sell on their way down, when it will look cheap to buy. I guess the insiders were aiming for a $200-$300 which is where it should settle.
I also do not understand how it is a holding company that holds a chunk of shares in RESI and is valued at more than RESI as a whole? What other assets does it have?
I like this analysis... might be worth taking a position worth 2% of my portfolio... little downside here, and a lot of potential... will sell on any hype driven news.
they just raised cash end of last year, and cleaned their balance sheet...
Great article but I believe all your negative hypothesis has been priced in, and right now rare earth prices are at an all time low after the great drop and the market move with rare-earth prices.
I remember Dryship companies following the index, and its very similar, if the metal prices start to rise again, MCP will be a big winner, still it will never go back to $75 but insiders are supporting it at $6, so its a floor here. No point in selling here, stock market is fearing the worst on earnings report (which is already priced in), so expect a bounce to happen when shorts cover.
been following you pal, passing on this one, but I like your way of presenting articles, and really you seem to be spot on in the short term. Looking forward for the next. Keep them coming
very intrigued about this article. well done, great insight, particularly on these small undiscovered companies. Will have a look at Senesco and ONXX
DDD bubble has burst and all bubbles burst the same way....
Stock tend to decline between 60-80% between 2-9 months...
Have a look at past bubble leaders and their declines from their tops: DRYS, FSLR, FFIV, YOKU, MCP, NFLX, GMCR, FB, and now DDD
The situation right now is clearly a time where the current leaders will implode, because we are right at the top of a 4 year bull which is coming to an end. Expect even lower prices soon.
the MACD is the moving average convergence divergence, i would not give it too much weight on its owns, as it's just one of the many technical signals, but well, wherever you look at... williams %R, RSI, stochastics etc... they all point to bearishness. So stay short and be happy, and let Joe public accumulate on the way down and become a bagholder.
DDD bubble has burst and I'm in the process of writing an article to explain that when bubbles burst, stock tend to decline between 60-80% between 2-9 months...
Have a look at past bubble leaders and their declines from their tops: DRYS, FSLR, FFIV, YOKU, MCP, NFLX, GMCR, FB, and now DDD
Mr January24... well may you enjoy the ride down to $25. Ok, you will still have enough $ to buy the material required to produce an egg cup holder.
I like the content and structure of your article. I will consider purchasing the stock as soon as I see a technical breakout. Thank you for the very much valued opinion. A big thumbs up for the article.
fluke article
agree, looking to short if it keeps going up.
at this level the company is seriously undervalued, and in my opinion the future fair value of the company is slightly below $20.
Obviously the market participants are betting against it succeeding in keeping getting long terms EPS of $2, its is a china reverse merger company, china index is at a 10 year low, and has a reverse split, and no analysts want to cover those companies, meaning interest in this stock is 0!
However this would be what I call a buffett style of play. Have a look at SPWR, it was trading in similar conditions, they announced 1 contract and it doubled in a day. I will be buying a small position around $3.
Lets revisit this article and the share prices of ASPS + spin off stocks, in a months time, and we'll see where they will be and chat again. Good luck.
cu at 90 achi
great post Carl..... amazing analysis
"It also jumped from $14 to $20, again exactly as predicted." we have a new guru?!
come on.... stop being a joke, go post your nonsense elsewhere... everyone knows its gonna be bought for $35 - $45
you will come back to this page in a couple of most time and say that you have missed most of the move ... stop scaring people.
Amended article to include a piece on technical analysis:
Just to remind you that the close between Friday and Monday is the exact 2nd year anniversary from which the stock plummeted from $17 to $7 in one day.