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  • Alan Brochstein, CFA
    $INTC looks like a head-fake to me, as the $HPQ and $DELL quarters say what we likely already knew
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    • Energysystems: I think it'll get back below 20 sometime this year. I'm in at 18nchange, will add when it touches 19.
    • Ashraf Eassa: At $19, the P/E would be 8. EPS is better than it was the last time it was $19, dividend is stronger, and there are less shares out.
    • Ashraf Eassa: If it hits $19, I will probably sell every other position I have and buy Intel.
    • sreimer77: I was a buyer of INTC below $20. While I doubt it will go back to those levels, if it goes anywhere near $22 I'm buying
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