• Alan Brochstein, CFA
    $PLPC earned 1.50 in Q1 and should earn at least $6.50 in 2012. With no net debt, astounding that the stock is offered at 58.50. Worth 78
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    • Charles Margolis: I'm seein $29M cash $35M debt 30M Net Avl Common Shares, with 50M increase in Cost of Revenue per year for past couple years 300M market cap
    • Charles Margolis: If their 10 yr stock chart were an EKG diagnosis = Atrial Fibrilation (buy out target tho?) maybe balance position in PLPC with one in MMM
    • Alan Brochstein, CFA: I should have said "minimal" net debt - it's 6mm compared to equity of $225mm. They have grown substantially in the last few years.
    • rentec: 0 leverage does not make any sense (think about the tax shield). If you believe in the CAPM, so σ=total risk, PLPC is probably not your pick