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The license isn't annual, it is a device license, so it is 100 a device, not 100 per device per year.
What a laugh. Next.
Funny. I had a story turned down because SA thought it didn't contain anything new.
Then they publish this.
I tried to tell them that users are getting upset with the republished garbage, like comparing the Z10 to the Palm products. Somehow I think they like letting these useless articles through just to generate hits.
Can't they tell by all the comments being negative that maybe this does more damage than good?
Exactly. It is off by default. Were you looking just to generate some hits with this story? Home Depot? That was because apple gave free iPhones to them (10000). Pretty sure there was a lot of stock sitting around.
I think that we will see low cost bb10 phones as well. Cost will be down 20-30 percent on the electronics, dual core processors are dropping, use less internal memory for storage but keep the micro sd, and use cheaper materials for the case. This OS is the future.
I had the same, and I really didn't say much other than this was a useless article that was written just to elicit a negative response. How is that good?
I write on here, but I defend my articles. This guy never showed up to defend himself.
One thing that I insist on doing is being present to answer remarks when I write an article.
Why does the writer not respond to claims and back up his story.
I agree with the sentiments of the comments above.
Have no idea why someone would make these statements because they are so out of line that it writing them can only have one objective. Stir up responses.
Think the article speaks for itself.
The best way to say that is for people here just saying "too ridiculous to reply to".
Too many on here that just try to stir the pot.
I enjoy when their comments just get ignored.
Anyone who writes on here wants some form of recognition. Some don't care if it is negative or not.
Yes, they did waste an awesome opp. Instead of give up though, they learned, and are back. The fact we are writing about them years after that error says a lot about the restructuring, and remolding of BBRY. I like fighters, especially the ones that get knocked down and keep getting back up.
Rocky anyone?
Good thing is that this Rocky has close to 3 billion resources that he can use to make sure he puts up the best fight possible.
Exactly. I said to my staff one day that Apple security is like that MMA fighter that is dressed right, took all the training, read the books, and watched the video. Problem is, he has never been in a fight.
BlackBerry has the grizzled vet who has fought for years, and BB10 is the person he mentored.
Apple has never been in a fight. The more they toot their horn, and advertise that they don't have the same problems as PC's (problems are usually based on volume of users and in the desktop world Apple is around 2%) the more they will attract the guys that will start to target them just to teach them a lesson.
It gets even worse in the Android world. To use the same analogy, Android is like the MMA fighter who gives everyone all his moves and counter moves before he even fights.
It doesn't. Hype affects stock pricing though. What gets neglected in all this is that after the complete beatdown that BBRY has been submitted to for the last few years, they still have billions of cash, and 80 million customers.
Doesn't that count for anything anymore?
Great article. Appreciate the insight. Being a stats major, nice to see that it applies.
BES 10 has full support for other devices. Balance lets you use one device. Outside of apps, in my opinion, Z10 does everything else better than the newest iPhone and Galaxy.
Hate to disagree, but touch screen on the iPhone better than a physical keyboard BBRY? Ummmmm, don't think so. Maybe on the new Z10, but the mistakes on the iPhone keyboards outweigh the speed gain by not hitting a physical key.
If your server can't support BES 10 then you are running some pretty outdated server hardware.
What line of work are you in?
Do those companies have the history in that field? Those competitors to BBRY?
Why then does BBRY still have the majority of the fortune 500 crowd? Government?
Sometimes security is about not playing well with others. Sometimes when you open up doors, you have problems closing them again.
Chatty. Loved your write up.
You don't think this OS is new? You think it is a remake? Or that the whole design of the Z10 is new to BBRY?
I respect others opinions.
Good thing memory is cheap. BTW I have run a few graphic intensive apps with no slow down at all.
Misinformation? Like what? Please, point out something.
800 in india and sold out. Sold out. Don't think that was a mistake. They are probably regretting they didn't mark it at 1000.
It depends on who was valuing your stock. If your stock was based on your basketball ability, your stock would drop exactly the same as if you didn't have the additional.
Great response iyam.
There is security vs government/legal, and security vs private. I am more concerned with the private aspect. All security, be it your home, your phone calls, etc, are suspect to invasion by the legal authorities. If you are concerned about keeping them out, then you are doing something you shouldn't be.
I want to be able to build my customer list without the feat that my competition can get that list. BBRY gives me that feeling of security.
This drop to Apple has just come about lately. In my eyes it has more to do with the fact that their product releases are really just evolved product, nothing new.
Steve Jobs, though he was not a nice man, knew how to get product to market, how to drive people forward (or crazy!) and the current leadership has no idea on how to do those things.
I think the industry is realizing finally that Apple really isn't all that, and can't compete with Google, or Samsung.
I still think it is crazy that they sued Samsung when they get a ton of parts from them, including the Retina display if I am not mistaken.
Great response Doug.
I found that too. Apple people don't like things that aren't apple. I mean I even have one of the small Nano's, the square one with the touch screen, because I could clip it onto a watch band and have a cool watch. I also use it as my music player when skiing as it is small and lasts a while.
I have an Android powered desk phone.
Usually Apple people have everything Apple. Everything. If Apple comes out with a line of clothing....look out Nike and Under Armor.
I bet to differ. The games I have are very smooth, Nowhere have I seen negative reviews based on game playing ability. You don't need all that hardware when the software is efficient and well written.
Inferiority? Canadians like a fair shake. We don't have to stomp our feet and pound our chests to be noticed.
We just produce little Biebers and control the world that way.
I do say I have no position. I have never bought a stock in my life. I started writing on here because it seemed to me that someone from within the industry needed to get word out there that didn't have a hidden agenda.
I like BBRY because I like BBRY products.
That is it.
If iPhone had BES back in the day, and BBM, plus the great keyboard, I would be an Apple card carrying user today.
This isn't about company name, it is about product.
Yet the hype and anecdotes still seem to affect those Wall Street numbers. You say they don't want to hear it? Not only do they want to hear it, but they want to bet on it. You did.
You expected a line up did you? Like this was a new Star Wars perhaps?
Maybe BBRY people are actually working. They aren't on spring break or retired as most iPhone people are. They are at work. They call or message the carrier and a new box shows up later that day. Or the IT department brings in a bunch and sets them up to distribute to the employees.
That is how the BBRY crowd do things, not wasting time like autograph seekers waiting in a line up like......sheep.
When you come up with a version 5 of a product you should make sure that you learned from version 1 up, and it should be closer to perfect. Version 6.1 of anything shouldn't be causing massive problems.
You are back Winnie.
Didn't think it would take you long.
Update took less than a month. Not bad. Battery worked...just works even better now.
Oh yeah...why do I bother... I learned before that you will just start linking to old articles and historical information......
Good to see you back! lol
Where did I say that? Apple control the media? I looked through and can't find me saying that. The media control themselves but have goals where as before the goal of the media used to be telling the truth.
Sales prove it was better? Where did you learn that? "Better" isn't bound to sales. Pet rocks sold in the millions, as did Silly Putty. How was the rock in the box better than the one in your yard.
Bad bad argument.
I wonder why every car has 4 wheels?
A steering wheel.
Gear shift.